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Planet X (Nibiru) and the pole shift

Planet X, a.k.a. NIBIRU, the Pole Shift

magnetic-pole-shift-diagram pgeon

By Sons of God:

Scientist, watchmen on the wall, and many whistle blowers are in great distress about the coming pole shift by the expected cause of Planet X ( Nibiru) crossing the orbit of the earth. After watching many videos to find out how real this danger is, I gained some understanding about the magnitude and timing of this inevitable event when the orbits of the Earth and the orbit of Planet X are crossing, bringing Planet X (X for crossing) to its closest possible position to Earth, perhaps 2 million miles away (as I recall). Although that seems quite far, it represents so much magnetic field energy that experts (?) say the poles of the Earth will suddenly shift (calculated to take about 28 minutes to an hour). It will cause the entire earth surface to move, rearrange boundaries for the seas as continents. Coastlines will disappear, while horrible tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes followed by extreme temperatures, ice melting of the North Pole, and the list just goes on and on. Need to see the videos for more.

The reality of it is the fact that the earth changes poles in about every 3600 years (some says 3675) as it did 1,460 years before Christ (1,460 + 2015 = 3475). Then we would have still about 190 years till the next shift, but for some reason the Internet is hyped about the pole shift claiming it’s coming now. One video said that planet X will be visible by December 2015, and another that the object on the orbit is a mass of gaseous loose material and not a planet. If what he filmed, was the same space formations, it seems right.

Zeta (aliens) claim that Planet X entered the Earth’s magnetic sphere in 2003, and its horror is due any day. Nobody knows exactly, but it seems that the governments are expecting something major to happen on September 23-28, 2015. Those who are well informed and keep all the money (the whole hordes of hell, reptilians and Illuminati) chose to inform the public through movies and games of their expectancy and knowledge of events, shedding off the responsibility to inform the citizens of the nation. You will see some movie clips in this regard on video #1.

Was the French Prime Minister referring to the crossing of Planet X in his speech about ”500 days till climate chaos”? Most likely he did not, rather to the asteroid hit that also known to all governments. That too will cause major devastation, and he said he hopes that the US and their many friends could do something about it until then. Obviously, we could do nothing about a planet 2 million miles away, but the asteroid will enter the earth’s atmosphere to collide. President Obama lamented of the unforgiving sea, which too suggest that the asteroid hit that will cause a great tsunami is his concern. Watch the videos (or a couple) to get a glimpse of what is transpiring around planet X, but I personally dismiss this matter for now. I believe based on biblical prophecies, and my guess is as good as others’ are, that the pole shift does not come yet. The Lord did not release any word in reference to it either. Scripture says that some days will be shortened for the elect’s sake, for otherwise no flesh would survive. Could this be the pole shift? Then it might happen right before the Lord returns for His Bride.

Isaiah 24:19-20 seems to best describe the effect of the planet crossing, which would put the event to the end of the tribulation or beyond.

Some sources present a serious controversy about the existence of Planet X. See it for yourself in the videos below and learn more though some articles here: Pole Shift – Magnetic Pole Reversal


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