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Welcome, and thank You for visiting with us! 

We warmly welcome all our Readers, thank You for spending Your valuable precious time on our blog among millions of other options. It will take many hours to explore all the information presented here that should frame a cosmic picture of current and future events. We pray that you would get the most out of your visit, and receive impartation of love, faith and hope.  

At the inception of this blog, we intended to bring into focus the need for urgent preparation concerning the possibly soon coming asteroid collision with planet earth. Digging deeper other major life threatening current and prophetic events extended the list of our urgent messages. We wanted everyone to know about these impending dangers and felt extreme urgency to share, for in our circle of influence (including all believers, non believers, friends and family loved ones far and near) no one knew what is about to come. Most of our outreach effort met with unbelief, resistance, rejection, and even rebuke. Those whom we intended to reach on the first place still do not pay enough attention to prepare, expect for the few. 
In biblical times, contemporaries of prophets of old rejected most every message that forewarned about judgment, and truly, nothing is new under the sun. Just as in the time of Noah, most people wail after the fact (if still alive), rather than prepare while it is time. Even a major Christian radio station’s program manager said to us that their station would not broadcast such news, because people would get scared. (???) So we want to let us make sure our Readers would know, 

We are not out to scare anyone but want to help, so that you will not have to get scared when these things are happening. It can begin any day now, but our message is not doom and gloom, rather hope, faith and love in the midst of it all. Would YOU please help us to spread the news once liking this blog! OUR COMBINED EFFORTS CAN SAVE MANY LIVES! 

The easiest way to contact others is by typing something like ‘very urgent message’ in the comment line, copy and paste our URL, and email it to your circle of influence. Here is what you find,

  1. Warnings messages under the Urgent Messages and Prophecies / Warnings tabs.
  2. We continue to post short ‘latest updates’ under ‘The Latesttab.
  3. Many alternative news sites are linked to this blog at News, Prophetic tab, which are reporting truth about important world events.
  4. We also reference other valuable resources thorough our pages, linked to the source.


We believe that SonsofGodblog would no longer serve anyone if we continue reporting on the problems. Now that the urgent messages are posted, we began to..

  1. put emphasis on posting Articlesand ‘Prophecies that are focusing on solutions. They should give peace of mind, strength, and impart God given wisdom and understanding to our Readers.

Please stop by daily and enjoy your stay! 

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