A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

Sum of Messages

The US ARMY, NASA, FEMA, UN are in FULL Preparedness! 


EXTREMELY URGENT! Devastation starts any day now! Please follow these simple instructions today! 

WHAT is Pole Shift?

Last days to Rapture Alert

Many life and history changing events are ahead of us as the Urgent Messages foretelling (find links below or use drop down menu). To say the least, some events are life threatening and extremely urgent to know about, for we have nearly ran out of time to prepare.


  • Nibiru expected to ‘hit” the earth – NASA denies, government cover up, FEMA calls to prepare for catastrophe – causing major earth changes, meteor showers, followed by an asteroid hitting the earth (not knowing the time or relation, only sequence of events). Prophecies foretell these inevitable impacts. We thank God for every extra day that we still have for preparation!
  • Can the huge impact cause the prophesied 3 days of darkness by resulting volcano eruptions and major earthquakes that would release so much ash, dust and gases, enough to darken the entire earth’s homo-sphere? 
  • Or perhaps passing through the tail of Nibiru will cause 3 days of darkness by meteor showers and dust particles in the air. The tail of Nibiru foreseen to reach the earth orbit soon. Some reported that passing through will take a period of 2.5 months. Reportedly, the earth will experience meteor showers by March – May, 2016. Some prophecy says, ‘Look Up! Every eye will see what is coming from the sky’. Some says, Nibiru will be visible by December to the necked eye, look up! Our latest take (understanding) on this issue is that going through the tail of the approaching planet X Nibiru will cause fiery meteor showers that will result darkness to settle in from the devastation it creates.  
  • The asteroid landfall generated huge tsunami will reach the East Coast five-six hours later with devastating force predicted to take millions of victims. 
  • mega earthquake (possibly caused by the huge impact of the tsunami) will change the landscape of America, split the land into half down on the middle (Madrid fault line, Mississippi River areas). 
  • The Nibiru and asteroid event may trigger major catastrophic events in other parts of the country, and the globe. Find more information in the messages.
  • News of more natural disasters, financial collapse, New World Order, increasing Christian persecution are existent and prophetically foretold. 
  • Prophecy warns of the total destruction of New York, according to one prophetic voice as soon as February 2016, which passed uneventful. New York flood reveled through ELS codes places the event April – May 2016.
  • Most importantly, prepare for the RAPTURE of the Bride during some of these major catastrophes. There is reason the believe that the rapture might happen during the 3 days of darkness. Receive the Lord’s instructions
    Through it all, we are about to experience the outpouring of God’s  Love, protection and (supernatural) provision in never seen proportions that will change the heart of America! 

Links to URGENT MESSAGES of Current and Coming Events:

Watch our Video Message Collection following each message!


  2. Urgent  Message  2.    WEST COAST, USA (9.2 MEGA-EARTHQUAKE, 100F TSUNAMI)


  4. Urgent  Message  4.    RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE



  7. Urgent  Message  7.    MARTIAL LAW, FEMA CAMPS READY, JADE HELM 15

  8. Urgent  Message  8.    3 DAYS OF DARKNESS

  9. An anticipated event      Planet X, a.k.a. NiBIRU, THE POLE SHIFT


All these events will suddenly come upon the whole world as the Great Tribulation begins upon the Bride of Christ has been taken out of the earth realm. The Lord Jesus Christ, Yahshua ha Mashiach is coming back any day, any moment!


What we do NOT KNOW CAN, and WOULD DEFINITELY KILL US in this time of great deception. Read our Articles to GAIN GODLY PERSPECTIVE on the times we live in.

“Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

‘That day’ is fast approaching! The ‘man of lawlessness’ has been revealed (see details in messages). Most importantly, please…

Make sure that the Lord is YOUR God!

There is absolutely nothing else can be more important, for all things, perceptions, religious associations, priorities, opinions, and worries will pass away.  x

The earth and its people are moaning and groaning over unprecedented sinister evil, so much that the cup of God’s indignation is full and now tipping over! We are entering the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble! The Lord is shaking everything that can be shaken to GET OUR ATTENTION! Satan uses every possible scientific discovery, weapons of warfare, governments, and military to destroy humanity, appealing to man’s gullibility for power, riches, and glory that will never realize.  

‘Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence.’  (Wikipedia)

Satan rules the world by temptation, lies, lack, force, malice, terror, and fear. No man is match to him, but there is One who is greater every way, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Every knee shall bow before His Holy Name, God not only gives us a way of escape through Christ, but He also gives us authority and power to walk in victory over the powers of darkness. Instead of blaming God for any of what is happening, we always have a choice to receive salvation through Jesus Christ, and to walk in God’s favor, becoming His son. Judgment is coming, but how many know that JUDGMENT IS FOR REPENTANCE!!!? The Lord do not want anyone to perish, He is calling to repentance, We are going to be judged based on the single decision, what have we done with Christ Jesus?  Is He the first in your life? 

Once the Lord separates His sons into His Kingdom and withdraws His Hand of protection from the world, hell will unleash on earth. Very sadly, some people will inevitably fall victim of these catastrophes, without a second chance, but there is no point of storing up goods for survival if our soul is condemned for eternal destruction thereafter! We all must be ready for eternity first, and then prepare for survival in the temporal life! Not only that, prepare for glory! Helping someone to eternal salvation and survival in times of need, walking in the love of God, brings glory to God! The goodness of God bring us to repentance!

The Church of Jesus Christ is in APOSTASY (falling away from God), being unaware, lukewarm, sinful, unholy, and full of idolatry, except for the faithful remnant. It will get worse day by day for worldly Christians and the world until there is great repentance take place. Simultaneously, the most glorious time begins for the sons of God in the history of mankind! Anyone can become a son right now! This is the time of separation of the people of Light (wheat) from the people of Darkness (tare). THESE THINGS MUST COME, BUT DO NOT FEAR, ALL WILL PASS SOON! In the end LOVE will conquer all.

A Call to Persevere

For yet in a very little while, He who is coming will come, and will not delay. But My righteous one shall live by faith; and if he shrinks back, My soul has no pleasure in him. But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul.  Hebrews 10:37-39

We cannot give an advantage to the enemy (satanic world system, elite leadership controlled by Satan) by receiving his threats that create worry and fear of death. We Christians are called to be Overcomers! We overcome the world, flesh and hell by the Blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. That means we cannot overcome by ignoring God, Jesus Christ, or the facts about evil, but by facing off adversity in faith, knowing that God is in full control. Our lives are in His Holy Hands! In Him we live, move and have our being and our future is eternally secured.

Is Yours? Did you invite Jesus Christ to be your Savior and Lord? If not yet, please do it now! Receive Jesus Christ into your heart! He will be all that you need Him to be forever, Savior, Redeemer, Protector, Provider, and Lover of your soul. He is Truth, Light, Life, and the Judge of everyone and every nation on Earth. Become a son of God! 

We know by faith that God’s Grace is sufficient for us in all trials and circumstances. The Greater One is in us! Nothing can separate us from the Love of God, neither persecution nor death. His Mighty Hand is upon us and nothing is out of His control. Our life is for the sake of Christ, and death is our gain! Have the faith of God and fight the good fight of faith! Praise Him! It is our weapon! Have the heart of God and win souls! 

Help Save Lives! Please Spread the News ASAP !  Please urge your family and friends to return to the Lord with a whole heart! Repent as needed! 


May God keep you and your loved ones safe while you are out helping others!

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