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Planet X [NIBIRU], the Pole Shift


Planet X, a.k.a. NIBIRU, the Pole Shift

PLANET X, Planet 7 X, Wormwood, Dog Star, Winged Disk, Death Star, NIBIRU, The Night Planet, SIRIUS III –  One strange planet called by many names, a planet that threatens humanity every 3,600 years. The next encounter is prophesied to happen in May 2016. 

 February 14 2016 messageleadsiri

Below is a brief explanation of what pole shift is about, enough to understand the cause and the measure of devastation this event represents. You may want to watch the videos below for more information and / or search You Tube for video updates, but please let us first speak about the only things that really matters, because time is very short. If and when Nibiru arrives, it would be too late to talk about it. Please read this first. Thank you for your interest. Now we can return to Nibiru…


WHAT is Pole Shift?


As shown on the images above, the orbits of planet X or Nibiru, a planet (debated) 5-10 times larger then earth, traveling on an elliptic orbit around the sun (most commonly believed an orbital period of 7,200 years) will cross the Earth’s orbit – getting in closest position to affect the earth’s magnetic field the most – twice, once in every 3,600 years (once on its way coming closer to the sun, then the second time as going back out into space). It also called the second sun for a reason. Many have posted amateur photos on the net, claiming to see Nibiru, visible to the naked eye:

(more info below)



WHEN does the Pole Sift come?

Based on recent video releases and our Lord’s prophetic worlds, as to our understanding, it is predicted between March 26 / April 2016. Incredible confirmation in EXTREMELY URGENT message!!! In this message we learn that due to unstable tectonic plates on deep ocean levels around the world, the earth’s magma core tries to find its way out which will cause great surface movements (chain of natural disasters) and it will stabilize the earth surface for the coming millenniums. Would this be triggered by the magnetic pull of Planet X, we do not know. We have found four articles from different celestial / extraterrestrial sources, these are communications through channeling. All are predicting different outcomes (beside some people believe that Nibiru is the transporter of ancient Annunaki demigods returning to earth). Their core statements are:

  1. Nibiru will not effect the earth till mid 2017

  2. Nibiru has already passed and nothing will happen

  3. a space explosion stopped Nibiru in its track that will allow the earth to move behind the sun before Nibiru could cause catastrophic events, thus nothing will happen

  4. the movement of Nibiru is conditioned by (depending on) combined planetary consciousness (may this be in correlation with believing in Annunaki?)

The sure answer must come from Father God Himself. He communicates to us through transmitters (scribe, a Holy Spirit filled human person receiving messages from Holy Spirit filled astral commander and/or God), or in Christian religious language they called true prophets whose messages always comes through, thus they proven trustworthy. The Lord will not speak to mediums who are invoking other spirits yet claiming to hear from God and His Holy Angels. Some persons using the term channeling yet transmitting messages from God. ((Know the spirits by the Holy Spirit. Spiritual discernment is a gift and its developed by relationship with God through Holy Spirit.)) Perhaps the reason why there is so much confusion in the world through these contradicting messages. We will soon find out who is telling the truth. The Lord says, Nibiru is coming and its coming now. Two recent prophecies selected from many:

The Sky Is Falling

(Message 90 by Terri Taplin), Published on Feb 27, 2016

My Children I have been telling you things are going to get very bad, very soon. I have not told you these things to scare you because if you are in Me there truly is nothing to fear. I am telling you these things to bring you closer to Me. The closer you are to Me the better for so many reasons. More than you know.
I am reminding you of this because some of you are giving into fear and are going back into the world. This is not My will nor My way. Come back to Me My children and Repent, Repent, Repent now while there is still time. There are going to be so many that will die so very soon now and I do not want you to be in the world when this happens because you will lose so many of the rewards I have stored for you.
There truly is so much waiting for you, more than you can imagine. I told you that I have rewards for you according to My riches in Heaven and this is true. My riches in Heaven far surpass anything that is on the earth right now. Not even the richest man on earth has a small bit of what awaits you.
Children you need to see that this world is but fleeting and it will be gone so very soon. There is nothing that will be left of the world as you know it so very soon and this is not a threat this truly is a fact. The sky truly is falling and it will fall on the whole earth.
So come to Me now, come to Me and Repent, ask for forgiveness of your sins, with the real intent to not do it again and I truly will show you mercy, but if you do not, and you know you could have you will have to pay the price and this is not what you want, I tell you true. Do not give into doubt and fear as I truly am with you and will see you through.
This is a time that seems uncertain to many and I tell you there are many things that are very certain. The things you all should know for certain are, I Am your God, I love you and I will never forsake you. You are the children of the One True God and My favor goes before you. I will get you through everything that comes along and nothing is too big for Me.
I created the Heavens and the earth and I will have my will done. It is my show and evil will be wiped off of the earth. I will cleans it with fire, and no one wants to be here when it happens. Come to My Son Jesus Christ now while the door of mercy is still opened and Repent, Repent, Repent and be made anew now.
The things that have been said that will pass by this earth will not (will not pass by) and they will hit the earth so very, very soon. You are not being told the truth by the governments there truly are things that are being kept from you, so prepare now. Come to Me and find out what My will is for you and stay within the Spirit and My Son as they will comfort, and guide you as to what you are to do.

Wormwood (Planet X, Nibiru)

(Message 69 by Terri Taplin), Published on Feb 18, 2016

The Wormwood is here. It will strike the earth and it will turn the world as you know it upside down. The warning trumpets have been blown. The day of my judgments upon the earth is here. Are you ready? Is your soul free from sin? Do you know if this is my last warning?

Turn away from sin now and know my Son now while there is still a chance for I tell you true, you may not get another chance before the great and terrible things happen to this earth. There truly is no more time and you had better be ready, as there will be great earthquakes even worse than the one in the days of Noah.
The mountains and islands will be removed from their place, the cities will collapse, the land will separate and everything of man will fall. There will be great waves, whole cities even states in the U.S. will be swallowed up and be no more. This will not only happen in the U.S. but all over the world.
If it weren’t for the prayers of the faithful believers I tell you true, whole countries would have been wiped out, but the prayers of my faithful children touched me and I will not destroy as much as I had planned. I tell you true, there will be very, very much destruction, devastation, sorrows and morning as I cleanse the earth with fire.
People that think there will be days, weeks, months or years before this happens are truly fooling themselves and the ones that think the people that believe this to be true are of a “The Sky Is Falling, Pop Culture” look up, the sky is falling and it truly will fall on you and the whole earth.
Listen now you stubborn, haughty people. Open your ears, eyes and hearts to the truth of God and what is about to happen as I truly will not postpone, nor stop what is to come any longer. I Am, The Great I Am, and I Will Have My Will, as it Will Be Done.
I will wipe out the evil with fire and yes people will go through it too. This truly is not my will for the people of the earth but if you do not know my son, you will go through it, and if you knowingly take the mark, you will be lost to me. You will truly wish for death but it will not come to those that take the mark.
This is real people, and all of the governments of the world know it will happen. That is why they have built underground cities to protect themselves but I tell you they are wrong. I will fill these underground cities and bunkers with magma and water and they will perish along with the demons that are with them.
There are demons on the earth right now that are pretending to be intelligent life forms from other planets wanting to help mankind. These are lies people they are demons in disguise, as there are no life forms able to get to your planet and I don’t care what porthole they come through. They are demons.
Wake up people of the earth before it is too late as the hour draws near, and is truly closer than you think. I am truly right next to you hoping you will ask forgiveness of your sins and come to me with a repenting heart. I will have mercy on you please see this and receive it now… I am the Way the Truth and the Life and I will receive you unto me but I cannot and will not make you. I am like you as I truly want to be loved and received by a willing heart.

The Lord also transmitted information through mathematics that we consider a reliable source, for numbers do not lie. These incredible findings from the Bible Code (as shown above) reveal April / May events in great details. Unfortunately, we may not have enough time left to post them on this blog in an easy to understand format, but we recommend to visit (open file folders to see images related to titles.)

Opening file folder titled ‘Wormwood’ you will find the following:







The FIRST MONTH is referring to Nisan in the Jewish calendar, and it starts April 9, 2016 (1st of Nisan, 5776) and it ends May 8, 2016 (30th of Nisan, 5776).

This means …

(a) we will likely experience the Pole Shift (?what will Wormwood do?) any day now in April

(b) the planet will have to pass through the tail of Nibiru that is said to be million miles long and expected to cause meteor showers on earth. It will takes many days for the earth to pass through (across?) the tail.

(c) Predicted declaration of martial law both times. 




New video releases claiming that the crossing will take place before November 2017, before 2018 (although these suggest a later date for the event, April 2016 is included in their time-frame). These understandings are based on professional (or not so professional) interpretation of (some are undisclosed, leaked) research data. Let us look at some video titles in progression of predicted arrival time, and recognize that we are learning from each other while hunting for leaked information: 

Our note: Nibiru will never hit the earth! That is true for the asteroid and meteors, plotting off of Nibiru / its tail, we do nto know how but all is coming. First come the earth crust movements, then the meteor shower and asteroid hit. This suggests that the events will continue for days or weeks.

One report says (seem trustworthy through channeling) that most of the earth’s infrastructure, bridges, railroad, highway systems, tunnels, water way channels will be destroyed behind repair. It will take 15-20 years to rebuild with universal help. 

A detailed article addressing the same question showing lengthy scientific calculations and numbers about Nibiru’s arrival here, we just have not find the answer in it.


Tons of information is published on the subject, so far we have not find any (in the fraction we have studied) that would convincingly stand alone for accuracy. Truly, nobody can tell it exactly but Almighty God, and those who has the greatest ability to make observations, measurements and calculations (NASA engineers, Vatican observatory, other professional groups if any) that has no ability or liberty to tell the truth, thus keeping their findings in secret. Some report says NASA is well aware of the approaching Planet X for more then 50 years. Google sky blocks out (covers) the image of the planet. Common sense tells us that our government / NASA must know, since this is a periodically reoccurring event supported by physical science, geology, archaeology, astrology, space science, history, and ancient Chinese and Maya prophecies.

The Vatican’s Lucifer observatory in Arizona (no coincidence in the name) is built for this purpose, and as it leaked the third secret of Fatima was about the coming Nibiru. The Vatican is downplaying the event saying that the thirds secret was about the attempted assassination by gunshot of Pope John Paul II. That is such a small event in the world scene of evens that surely we can see that they are lying. The Vatican refused to obey the Lord’s command to disclose the secret in 1960 that would give the greatest opportunity ever to evangelize the whole world and secure every soul’s eternity in Christ Jesus! This is because the Vatican serves Lucifer and have no intention to save souls to Christ but to Satan.

Our government has built underground cities to hide themselves from the surface events, but the Lord says, many will meet their fate there when lava and water fill up their secret chambers. They have built thick walls believing to be impenetrable, but not for Almighty God. Fools! What they sow is what they reap! If and when NASA will break their decades of silence we would be still in darkness due to total distrust in their operation, but could know for sure that the event is so close that NASA and the government can appease their guilty conscious and say, “we can’t do anything about it.” Their actions are despicable, we just cannot wrap our mind around those who willfully obey and support these scummy plans (large corporations signing government contracts, secret agents, scientists, and many more various employees), for filthy money and fear of loss! To those we say, the blood is on your hand! Come out of the world and repent, so that the Lord could receive you! 

Another upset voice says,   

Our U.S. government and the other governments who know are TRASH for covering up this from us….the name Creeps comes to mind…. they will let millions perish rather than let us know it is approaching… and yes it is very real….everyone from Father Malachi Martin to the Lucifer Telescope on Mount Graham have confirmed it is real. Time will reveal all. Enjoy!!!” (

Those of us who are reaching out to warn, shake up, call to prepare and call to REPENTANCE are all intent to increase awareness as opposed to set exact dates. (We have learned the hard way too, for our preliminary efforts to do good – by believing and repeating what others had to say about event dates that failed to perform – could end up causing more damage than good to people’s faith. Our most sincere apology to those who had been effected and our sincere repentance. These were our growing pains.) 

You will either be ready to meet Jesus when the pole shift comes or not (or even before), which is all that matters. For that reason every minute is a gift from God to give everyone one more chance. No matter how prepared we feel we are (not), none of us is looking forward to the pole shift with joyful anticipation, but to the coming of the Lord. Pray for more delay and reach out to touch someone! We should be concerned for the many souls that will perish for eternity.

Importantly, Lord God Almighty did NOT specifically say that the pole shift is coming in April, but made clear to us through prophecies that:

(1) two major catastrophic events are preceding the rapture,

(2) every eye will see what is coming from the sky (should this be referring to the asteroid?), 

(3) many will die from both events, the second between April and June.

(4) Wormwood is here – that is another name for Nibiru

This information combined with countless (to remember) prophecies foretelling the chain of coming catastrophic events, plus our anticipated timeline for the rapture (according to the Lord now is ‘very soon, sooner than we think’, and ‘it will come when we least expect it’).

In summary, we do anticipate the pole shift sooner (2016) than later (2017), may it be in March, we do not know when it is coming. We are here to show that SALVATION and REDEMPTION is at the door. Just DO NOT miss it! Please Come to the Lord NOW!

All that is on the way is written in the Bible through several books and verses (without dates, also subject to interpretation). Scripture warns us that the Day of the Lord is a terrible day, who can endure it? We have voiced our opinion in 2015 (below) saying that the pole shift must not come just yet because the seven years tribulation, the great souls harvest, the great repentance of the apostate church, NWO, and much more has to happen before the world (not life on earth!) would come to an end. Apparently, we were wrong about that, but because all prophecies must fulfill in the coming years and they surely will, it is logical to say that the pole shift will not be an extinction level event for all. The Lord said at the second event somewhere in April – June (whatever it might be) many will die. He also stated in prophecy that: 

We strongly suggest watching this video to get a glimpse of what is coming, with the understanding that Prophet Elisabeth is receiving divine revelation through Holy Spirit in prayer (speaking in heavenly tongues as recorded) as it should be (Mark 16:17; Acts 2:4; 19:6; 1 Cor. 13:8; 14:5-6; 18, 39)

For the transcript of this message please go to Amightywind Prophecy 123 

The Pole Shift – Pole Reversal (?) – is  a catastrophic worldwide event

As the images show below, the pole shift is either (a) ’tilting’ or  pulling the north pole (a report says) with 26-28% due to Planet X magnetic force field (image 3) , or (b) shifting of the earth’s north and  south poles (image 5). We will not put more effort into investigating this matter, obviously scientist have majorly different opinions. Enough to say that both scenarios are extinction level catastrophic events and we assume that (a) is more likely to happen, resulting a better outcome then (b). Please view these powerful illustrations carefully to see the dramatic changes occurring on the earth surface at pole shift:

image 3

Please visit Latest Update for more information.

magnetic-pole-shift-diagram   pgeon image 5

Scientist, watchmen on the wall, and many whistle blowers seem to be in great distress about the coming pole shift by the expected cause of Planet X / Nibiru’s orbit crossing the orbit of the earth. After watching many videos to find out how real this danger is, we gained some understanding about the magnitude and timing of this inevitable event when the orbits of the Earth and the orbit of Planet X are crossing, bringing Planet X (X for crossing) to its closest possible position to Earth, perhaps 2 million miles away. Although that seems rather far, it represents so much magnetic field energy that experts (?) say the poles of the Earth will suddenly shift (calculated to take about 28 minutes to an hour). It will cause the entire earth surface to twist and move(the north pole will move about 26-28 degree), rearranging boundaries for the seas as continents. Coastlines will disappear, while horrible tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes followed by extreme temperatures, ice melting of the North Pole, and the list just goes on and on. Need to see the videos for more.

The reality of it is the fact that the earth changes poles in about every 3600 years (some says 3675) as it did 1,460 years before Christ (1,460 + 2015 = 3475). Then we would have still about 190 years till the next shift, but for some reason the Internet is hyped about the pole shift claiming it’s coming now. One video said that planet X will be visible by December 2015, and another that the object on the orbit is a mass of gaseous loose material and not a planet. If what he filmed, was the same space formations, it seems right.

Zeta (aliens) claim that Planet X entered the Earth’s magnetic sphere in 2003, and its horror is due any day. Nobody knows exactly, but it seems that the governments are expecting something major to happen on September 23-28, 2015. Those who are well informed and want to keep control and all the resources of the planet, chose to inform the public through movies and games of their actions, expectancy and knowledge of events, whereby shedding off the responsibility to inform the citizens of the nation. You will see some movie clips in this regard on video #1.

Was the French Prime Minister referring to the crossing of Planet X in his speech about ”500 days till climate chaos”? Most likely he did not, rather to the asteroid hit that also known to all governments. That too will cause major devastation, and he said he hopes that the US and their many friends could do something about it until then. Obviously, we could do nothing about a planet 2 million miles away, but the asteroid will enter the earth’s atmosphere to collide. President Obama lamented of the unforgiving sea, which too suggest reference to the asteroid hit that will cause a great tsunami.  is his concern. Watching the videos (or a couple) will give a glimpse of what is transpiring around planet X, but I personally dismiss this matter for now. I believe based on biblical prophecies that the pole shift does not come yet. The Lord did not release any word in reference to it either. Scripture says in Matthew 24:21-22 that some days will be shortened for the elect’s sake, for otherwise no flesh would survive. Although it refers to the tribulation, could the the pole shift be included? In that case it might happens right before the Lord’s return for the elect. Yet Isaiah 24:19-20 seems to best describe the effect of the planet crossing, which, we think, would put the event to the end of the tribulation or beyond due to its utter devastation.  .

Each of us should make our informed decisions, but have to be ready for our departure every day. Amen

Some sources present a serious controversy about the existence of Planet X. Please see the videos below and learn more though some articles here: Pole Shift – Magnetic Pole Reversal

FINAL WORDS: As I dig deeper it gets so much darker!

THERE ARE NO WORD! Just Must See, Hear and Prepare! New videos are added, they speak for themselves. 

In the top video ‘New!’ speaker sounds the alarm and complies all available information to say, the earth is in great danger, but videos 11-14 are actually prove it beyond doubt and beyond human imagination. To see the proof, start with # 12 please, for they are lengthy.

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New! URGENT-NASA Caught In Huge Lie & We Are In Serious Danger! Time To Pray Harder 

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1. SEPTEMBER 23 2015 the END

Published on Jun 5, 2015; by David Vose


Published on May 28, 2013; by justin roberts

3. NEW EVIDENCES ARE COMING! Planet NIBIRU will shake the Earth at AUG 2015

Published on Nov 13, 2013; by @admtrainee – “The Truth Is Out There”

4. NIBIRU Now ‘REVEALED’ on Google Sky Correlations Nibiru, NASA & Science.

Published on Jun 25, 2015; by MLordandGod
NIBIRU Now 'REVEALED' on "Google Sky" Correlations between 
Nibiru, NASA & Modern Science.
- Nibiru believed to be this - Light echo around V838 Monocerotis NASA image Hubble Space Telescope.

5. Nibiru Winged Planet – Latest Hoax Exposed

Published on Jun 30, 2015; by Lightdescent
Nibiru - The Winged Planet.

The recent news about Nibiru being discovered due to Google revealing various 'blacked out' parts of Google Sky is shown to be a hoax.

6. BPEarthwatch’s WINGED PLANET FOUND?/Nibiru?/NASA

This is a response to the video by BPEarthwatch called WINGED PLANET FOUND?/Nibiru?/NASA 
You don't need to be a wannabe amateur astronomer to debunk disinformation on social media. 
The first video BY Sangstar1 debunking The Winged Planet Hoax was created 
1 July 2015 at 9:24 AM. The star is listed as 2MASS J05422123+2236471. 
Link to BPEarthwatch's video WINGED PLANET FOUND?/Nibiru?/NASA
google earth free:
Cosmofobia/Cosmophobia, It means that it is old knowledge that has been suppressed by the "mainstream science establishment.
Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky
Sergio Correa Founder of Cosmofobia:
At SANGSTAR1, we believe that The abuse of the DMCA take-down process by individuals and organisations is a threat to free speech. Individuals on You Tube are attempting to use the DMCA notifications to harass and intimidate people who are critical of their ideas. Some have also used the information in DMCA counter-notifications to violate the privacy of those people.

7. Planet X System Location According to Astronomer Disclosure Video

Published on Nov 20, 2014; b

When it comes to the topic of disinformation, people expect it as a given. This is a cavalier view, because, in reality, disinformation kills.
It not only kills the efforts of honest researchers, it will kill those of you who naïvely assume that you have no skin in the game, along with your loved ones.
This is why we are deeply concerned by what we are seeing now with the way Tyler Glockner, and the Secureteam10 YouTube channel are being targeted for takedown by a well-funded disinformation effort.
Why? Secureteam10 has stumbled upon a dark secret the elites want suppressed before it becomes public knowledge and you are going to learn that dark secret in this article.

8. Frequency Shift Wave X Predictions: The Good, Bad & Ugly; July 13, 2015, Skyaia #44

Published on Jul 13, 2015; by Simon Atkins
Wave X is already happening: it is an intergalactic energy field, heading toward Earth, due to swing through from late August into late September / early October. It's very likely going to cause a massive awakening on our planet. Humanity will intend to evolve. Will the process be accomplished? There will be areas of increased economic chaos, planetary natural disasters, and a 'rip' in the social fabric. 
Have an open mind in this mix of science and spirituality. Know how to prepare for this incredible new time upon us, as more people get more deeply connected, in order to raise our consciousness. But the Shadow Elite forces do not want humanity becoming more free! They want us controlled, and their weapon-of-choice is CERN. Find out what Dr. Simon Atkins believes will happen in this very important 90-day window into October 2015.
If you haven't already done so, for other predictions related to Wave X and the Frequency Shift, please see these shows too that I was invited on:
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9. Safe Locations — Is any spot on Earth safe when a pole shift

This will takes few at least 3 minutes to upload and may transmit audio only. This is very suspicious, because surely,it is not transmitted from our www. Tested it several times. The narrator, Nancy delivering messages from ‘Zeta’s for forty years. They are aliens claiming to be for the good of humankind, but based on many of their comments, I can tell that they are not.  

Uploaded on Jun 10, 2008; by dwings7
Nancy continues to describe the upcoming pole shift on earth caused by the passage of Planet X. Expect and prepare for more disasters, quakes, earth changes and wobbles in the earth's rotation. What are the safe locations?

SonsofGod article: Who are the Zetas?


Published on May 26, 2015; by The WTF Files™
Bob Fletcher has been researching the possibilities of Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis, Wormwood for over 25 years. He recently came forward this April 2015 to lay out his findings with the world. If you are truly concerned about those you love and the future of this planet. Please Share this info. with everybody you know.
It just may be the best thing you ever do for them. 
Fletcher Says the first sightings will likely be in the month of December, 2015, or 2016 or 2017. With the serious effects hitting the earth over the following 4-5 months after! The same time frame, it had affected the globe previously. This estimate, is derived from the studies of 2 thousand years and 2 thousand documents. Soon everyone will be watching the sky for the NEW STAR, getting larger, NIBIRU, looking like a big single new star. .closer every day! Any smart dog should be watching from this December 2015, for the next few years.
Science Digest Astronomers had located the potential planet in 1982..Said to be only 4 to 7 Billion miles away. It was about that time President Ronald Reagan was given the scientific “heads up” A few years later the Naval Observatory agreed, (Dr Harrington.) described @ Right. NASA released a statement in 1992 that a unknown body was out there..he had studied it for 15 years, before his sudden death, that left many wondering if it was murder.
In 1992 Dr. Harrington died mysteriously quick before he finished his formal report on NIBIRU..However we have the Video taped report of his meeting with Dr. Sitchin, who he finally agreed with, that the planet X was there and was big, and could be headed back ,that was 1992. 1993 Reagan did his strange alien approaching speech on the floor of the United Nations..and all the Continuity of Government hide outs became a priority for the next 23 years! (a world wide program.)(1992) In revelations ,predictions of the future of humanity in the bible, there are many that are 100% descriptions of the INCOMING of NIBIRU. One is brilliantly discovered and deciphered by Mr Broussard
(Possible Scenario's)
One scenario, earth will pass through the debris field of meteorites, at least twice. Once after it comes inward around the sun, second time 150 days later after it heads outward again! 
From Mr. Broussard’s studies, Biblical reports; At the left is shown the earth in its normal orbit passing through the debris tail of the nibiiru Planet X,as described in the ancient star disk of nebra, (the actual picture of the event 3600 years ago! From Germany, an ancient astronomy discoveries! On the right is China ’s description of the same event, they called the fiery dragon, or the visiting star. With the tail of meteorites .It will take an estimated one full hour to pass through this devastating tail of fire- la dent debris. It has been estimated,The earth shifted or titled on the axis by 26 degrees. Changing the view of the stars around the globe. Events recorded in time, 3600 years ago.

GOOGLE SKY NIBIRU COORDINATES. 5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″
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Published on Nov 10, 2013; by endtimes23 This Week Cosmic News reports that there is an alarming number of astronomers and scientists being taken out by the elites assassination squads to maintain the nibiru coverup plus proof the Annunaki Gods where here on earth thousands of years ago these giants are about to return to earth as nibiru approaches on her journey to the inner solar system before she returns on her outbound journey to the outer reaches of space on her 3600 eliptical orbit.timeline sun 10th nov 2013
All this weeks news links can be found on my website just click on the link and goto the top lefthand corner of the opening page and click on the cosmic news link you will find all this weeks links at the top of the page under this weeks titled video

12. Nibiru / Planet X – ‘The Date of Arrival’ – An Illuminati Secret

Published on Oct 29, 2014

23:30 If you enjoyed this video, this one is sure to do the same ‘ Nibiru – Planet X – Soon To Arrive – “It IS Coming!” Two Suns! ‘:… Presenting the evidence (yet more of it). You be the judge. I, seriously, adjust the volume to many of the video clips I use, and this one? Well, it was a little more difficult than I expected. Apologies for the volume fluctuation. Everyone wants to know ‘when’ is Nibiru arriving? The answer is to be found from the one man who’s transcriptions, of 6000 year old writings, matched the theories of the most elite professional astronomers in the world at the time. A man called Sitchin.
More information on Nibiru than you’d expect in this video, which IS for educational purposes, analytic study, debate, and contemplation. I included all of the credits at the end of one segment to get across the point of ‘all the people involved’ (a fair size amount, and yet the numbers are much more grand and involve far more great minds than can be jammed into any production / video).
Are the Reptilians part of it all? Click here:…
100 years of killer meteorite strikes staring in 2017.…
Many comments ask why does Nibiru always seem to involve religion? The answer is quite simple; more evidence to the truth is to be found there. One must have an open mind in order to address all of the evidence. Are the Nephilim / Annunaki demons? All this is for you to decide.
Since Nibiru was first speculated, it seems like there has been a mad rush to get off of this planet, and not just television shows (or movies), reflect this. So, too does the rate to which technology is advancing.
Are we only hearing of technology decades after it’s created? One would think so after watching this video. So very many scientists, physicists, and astronomers have taken Nibiru / Planet X seriously, that is, until a gag order on the subject was implemented with no credited person being allowed to discuss the topic.
What is your opinion?
Made for content to get you thinking out of this world (something the cosmos want you to do / appreciate them and contemplate them for the ‘resonance’ effect).
The more I research? The more it seems there is something out there. You decide.
In no way do the opinions and or beliefs expressed in this video reflect my own. I am researching the theories of Nibiru and the evidence that, incredibly is found all over the place, only supports it’s existence (I can’t find the proper evidence to disprove it…. yet.. but I am looking. It’s just not out there. Most debunkers of Nibiru are those with mere education who have no idea of astronomy, let alone the great minds that theorize of a tenth planet and support Sitchin’s transcriptions).
Are there aliens on this planet controlling our rulers, doing all that they can to get off of this planet before the return of Nibiru? You decide when it comes to the last part of the video (and you can view the entire show of what the ladies talking about by clicking this link here:…


Enough of Planet X, hell, and all the rest! The world is totally out of order, but Jesus is on His way! Praise God! He is coming any day now! Read His messages!  Be blessed, Get savedThe rest is up to HIM! We might not know all the details, but He is coming and I believe with all my heart, He is coming in September. Be ready! 


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