A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

Come Away and work with Us!

As Sons and Daughters of God we invite you to become a part of our exciting Kingdom adventure, to be a strong Light together, leading many into the Kingdom of God. During our journey in the spiritual wilderness we have found one pearl of a great price on a field and purchased that field. It is called the Kingdom of God on Earth. As we let this pearl emanate its beauty unto the world. we can bring Heaven to Earth here and now!

Our focus is on the development and affairs of this united holy nation under God. We aim to educate and empower our readers, and create a networking platform for our Kingdom Family. We courageously war to break down all religious and social barriers for the Glory of the Lord as we work in Holy Spirit Unity of Love. We help develop the Mind of Christ in the One-New-Man to help bring clarity, and help reach maturity through our timely articles, prophecies, testimonies, art and more. This is only the beginning and we have a lot to birth forth. We invite every reader to take hold of the KFA vision and mission (Kingdom Force Advancement Publishing) and share life with us as it so delights the Lord’s Heart.


Mat. 13:16; 1 Pet. 2:9


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