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EXTREMELY URGENT! Devastation starts any day now!

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Welcome to Sons of God Blog! 

In creating this blog we have geared towards discussing the most important topics for our days. You will find compilation of available information to make best sense out of world events based on secular media, alternative news media, articles, videos, prophetic messages and instructions from Almighty God, in order to separate the truth from the vast amount of false information. SonsofGodblog is connecting the dots to expose the overall deception in the world. This will help seekers to find truth before the day comes when suddenly everything changes especially for America. 

We live in the last days. Soon, life as we know it will be no more. In this time of distinct separation of the kingdom of God from the kingdoms of this world, those who prepared their hearts to become eternal sons of God will soon enter in, while the rest of the world population will simultaneously enter the time of Great Tribulation like never been before. The major shaking through difficult world events will heighten everyone’s desire to make life choices for acceptance into the Kingdom of God. We have arrived to the junction of separating the kingdoms that will not only bring great glory (light increase), but it will also cause evil running rampant (darkness increase). Now we are at the DOOR to either step into the Kingdom (redemption), or face the horrors of the coming New World Order, one world government / one world religion. Lord God Almighty gave many warning messages about the coming hour, calling the church to repentance and others to salvationAs Jesus Christ our Lord has foretold We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22  

We want everyone to be the part of His Glorious Kingdom, thus maintain this blog. UNDERSTANDING the times and seasons, then having WISDOM to perceive reality from the Lord’s perspective is SUPREME! We must respond with HOPE in FAITH to current world events during this time of Kingdom transitioning, no matter what we have to face. The message is always hope, salvation, glory, and redemption, for without hoping for all that God has already stored up for us; there would be no need to write about the darkness. Then we would just perish, but instead…

The Lord is about to pour so much glory upon the earth that billions will flock into His Kingdom. What is coming now has never been before, not for good or for evil, and never will be again. The Lord said, He has prepared for these times for 6,000 years. But as it is written, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Cor. 2:9)

First, we had to issues warnings about catastrophic events and political manipulation of the masses to present the problems, and then we can show the way out to freedom in the Kingdom of God. Knowledge of Bible prophecies combined with fresh Rhema Word from God serves as heavenly manna for both, temporal and eternal survival. 

Make sure to read our Kingdom of God oriented articles and prophecies for answers. New messages are posted frequently. One of the most urgent messages is telling about the Lord’s imminent visitation of the Earth! Read Jesus’s warnings, and do not miss preparing for the 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS!  

God bless you, son of God! If you are not sure that this prophecy would be true for you or not, please make haste to become a son!


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