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Prophetic promise for divine protection

Father Heart ddaily by Prophet Russell Walde, Father’s Heart Ministry,


Prophetic promise for divine protection

(to those who has ears to hear and faith to truth the Lord)
The Father says today fear not. Fear not the shaking visited upon the earth. You are born of the kingdom that cannot be shaken. Be not shaken says the Father and be not dismayed for I am with you. I am with you and of My hand you will be provided and afforded every blessing from the throne of My majesty. I am overshadowing you with My majesty and My favor. The ruling principle of your life cannot be determined by a piece of paper or the evil report of evil men when their evil plans are thwarted and stymied. Your personal economy is the economy of My kingdom. Your provisioning is not tied to the stock market, or the price of a barrel of oil or any other thing. I set the value of your life and your blessing according to the economic indicators set in the heavens and not in the earth.

Yes a thousand might fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left but do not be discouraged. Do not flee to the false securities of man’s hand that will not protect or preserve you. I am your protection. I am your preservation. Stop allowing the fear mongers to make merchandise of you. What are you listening to? Who are you listening to? Come into the high and holy place here by Me and here by Me I will overshadow and nurture you till the storm is past and you are left standing and fully intact. Trust in Me says the Father. Lean not to your own understanding. Stop trying to figure it out. I am your Deliverer. I am your Strength. I am the Rock that is Higher and you will in nothing be dismayed or defeated on a single score.



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