A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

Kingdom of God

List of Kingdom of God Articles

Articles are added frequently, please check back with us for new postings!

  1. Sin Is Spiritual 
  2. Entering the Kingdom of God / the Sin of the Church
  3. The hour of “Suddenly” is here any moment 
  4. It will come SUDDENLY!
  5. Loyalists

  6. The Pole Shift in view of God’s Judgment

  7. The Alien Agenda
  9. Beware of the Political Spirit – It’s a Snare
  11. When will the asteroid hit the earth?
  12. What is REALLY happening?
  13. Who can enter the Kingdom of God?
  14. How are we going to respond in the times of distress?
  15. September 2015 is the beginning of Judgment
  16. Salvation Prayer
  17. The coming paradigm shift
  18. What is coming next?
  19. What could be done to stop this?
  20. Make sure that the Lord is YOUR God!
  21. What does it mean to be the son of God?
  22. How to prosper in the worse times? 

Welcome and Invitation

  1. Come Away and work with Us!
  2. Welcome to my blog! Come Away with me!

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