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(BILINGUAL) about SEPT 2015 and MAY 2016 Dates (2:55 min)

We must point out that there seems to be an attitude of complacency, comfort and-in many cases-denial, that we are noticing in some brothers and sisters. Many believe they do not have to do anything to prepare for this chastisement, because they take the attitude that “God will take care of us” and that “God only knows when these things will happen.”

First of all:
While it is true that only the Lord knows the exact date, it is also true that, through MANY prophets and testimonies, He has informed us that the fulfillment of these events is at hand, imminent. If someone does not believe those testimonials, all they have to ask themselves is why NASA, FEMA and world governments are preparing for a cataclysmic event. Why, all of a sudden, have they begun to speak consistently about tsunamis, asteroids, preparedness, contingency plans, etc? Why are there global reports of preparations of bunkers, shelters, food, water and medication storage, etc?
Even the stones cry out that something is coming, and not 50 or 100 years from now, as many believe.

It is coming NOW. Open your eyes and ears!

(SonsofGodblog article: When will the asteroid hit the earth?)


Of course we trust the Lord for our protection. But that does not mean we are going to sit on a chair and wait. It does not mean we do not need to prepare, both spiritually and materially, to the extent we can. The Bible is full of examples where God warned His people in advance, ahead of time, so they would take the necessary measures, not because God had no control, but because God knew that His people had to do their part, and to test their obedience. Here are some of these examples:

  1. God announced the flood to Noah 120 years before it happened. What for? So he would be prepared, with his family, and so he would build the ark, store food and ensure survival.
  2. God announced to Pharaoh, through a dream interpreted by Joseph, that there would come a 7 year famine over Egypt. Why was Pharaoh warned? So they would store and be prepared with food and water.
  3. God told the Hebrews, through Moses, about the coming plagues and the importance of marking their doors with lamb’s blood. Why were they warned ahead of time? So they would prepare themselves for what they were about to witness, have no fear, and be protected.
  4. God told Joseph, Mary’s husband, in a dream, that Herod was going to kill the newborn babies in the area. Why was he warned ahead of time? So that he, Mary and baby Jesus would escape to Egypt.
  5. The angels warned Lot, ahead of time, of the coming destruction of Sodom. Why? So he would leave the city, together with his family, before it was judged.
  6. God told the apostles, after Jesus went up to Heaven, where to go and where not to go. Why were they warned in advance? So they would take the necessary precautions and be safe.
  7. God told the city of Nineveh, through Jonah, that it would be destroyed in 40 days. (Take note, those of you out there who say God does not talk about His judgment in terms of dates or time frames). Why were they told ahead of time? So that they would repent and take action.
  8. God warned His people, Israel, in advance, where to walk in the desert, and whom and when to fight. Why? So they would be cautious and ensure their survival.
  9. Jesus Christ Himself warned us, through His Prophecies about The Beginnings of Sorrows, and through His Word in The Book of Revelation, what lay ahead for the world. What for? So we would not be surprised when we see these events unfolding, and for us to prepare and know that He is ALWAYS in Control.
  10. God sent many prophets in the old times and in the present to warn His people in advance about his judgment. Many of these judgment prophecies came with SPECIFIC TIME FRAMES OF FULFILLMENT. Why? So the people would repent and prepare their hearts with Him and straighten any crooked paths, spiritual and material, before The Lord.

And these are just some of the many examples.

It is very easy to say “God will take care of us” and not do anything ourselves. And yes, it is true, God will take care of us, but He has also given us clear instructions, as He did in the Bible, on how to prepare and be cautious. Anyone who thinks or believes they can just sit around waiting and do nothing because “God will protect us,” is in deep denial, and is using that mindframe as an excuse for not facing the situation and taking the necessary responsibility and action. Furthermore, it is ungrateful rebellion against the instructions that The Lord, in His infinite mercy, is giving us to prepare us. Part of His protection is precisely those instructions He has repeatedly given us, which clearly are:

  1. Ask for Confirmation from the Holy Spirit.

  2. Ask the Holy Spirit when and if we have to move, and where.

  3. Prepare and rectify our souls with the Lord. Anoint our homes as an external symbol of that commitment and re-dedication of our lives and belongings to Him Alone.

  4. Pray for a Hedge of Protection around ourselves, our loved ones, neighbors and acquaintances.

  5. Claim and believe the Precedents of Protection for God’s people established in the Word.(Ex. Psalm 91)

  6. Store water, food and medication to the extent we can. Have a contingency plan to go where we have to go in our cars, and keep supplies in our cars (if we receive instructions to leave our areas).

  7. Warn others.

Many have to “get their heads out of the sand” and face the harsh reality that we have to do our part to prepare. The Lord is not going to give us everything on a silver platter, especially if He has repeatedly warned us and instructed us beforehand on what we must do.


The Lord has been warning us for a long time now, so we have no excuses. He has called forth prophets and Watchmen throughout the world to sound the alarm for a reason, not for us to just sit in denial, complacency and comfort thinking that we do not have to do anything because “God’s got my back.”
If this were the case, the prophets and messengers of the Lord would not have been necessary in the past, and would not be necessary in the present.

Keep praying for the Lord to guide and provide you with the necessary instructions. Look for answers and guidance from Him at all times and in all circumstances. May The Lord keep you


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