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Where is the safest place to go to be safe from this?

Where is the safest place to go to be safe from this? 

By Prophet Efrain Rodriguez


The ONLY safe place for everyone is our Lord Jesus Christ. There is NO physical place for safety. Although storing food, water and medicine is recommended, it would be absolutely pointless to save provisions or have a place to “escape” to, if we are not completely bound to The Lord in our heart…s and soul. His Holy Spirit will find a way to protect us, whether giving us instructions in a dream or vision, sending His angels to knock on our door (maybe under the guise of policemen, the coast guard or something else) in order to direct us where to go to, or simply covering us with a protective bubble against the water.

The message states clearly that the 12 point earthquake at the moment of impact will be The Presence of Jehovah Himself on earth, executing this Judgment, yet also protecting His flock with His own Hand. The Bible is full of stories of divine protection and of angels coming to warn and protect God’s chosen amidst God’s wrath: read the stories of Lot, Noah, Daniel, the Hebrews in Egypt, the men who were thrown in the hot burning oven because they refused to worship an image, and many others. The focus should be on making sure that we are part of God’s True Flock, by surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ and serving Him. The rest is up to The Lord.

Judgment will follow anyone who chooses to save his own life over their soul. Even if you climb to the highest peak! The opposite is also true, however: even if you are on the direct path of the wave, living in the coast and facing the 1,000 foot wave, if you have believed God’s Promise and have trusted The Lord Jesus with your life and soul, the wave may come at you, but it will NOT touch you.

The testimonies of the people who will survive amidst impossible odds will be the greatest proof to the rest of the world that The Lord was the author of this and that He kept His promise of Salvation and Protection to those who came to His feet. Many souls will come to the Lord and will be reaped in The Great Harvest as a result of these survivor’s testimonies.


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