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When will the asteroid hit the earth?

When will the asteroid hit the earth?

By SonsofGodblog (

As the impact getting so close that we can almost see it in the skies, the Lord gives us a close-up of divine understanding of the sequence, magnitude, and possible timing of the event. Please visit out homepage for more details.

March 22, and May 4, 2016

We really do not know. We kept believing that the asteroid impact would be the opening event of judgment, which would place it as soon as March, April. The rapture is revealed to come around Passover this year. One latest prophecy however contradicted us for the Lord said that the redeemed will not be here at the time of the asteroid impact, for that is not the initial event. A warning is issued for an earth shattering event immediately after Easter Friday!

May 4 addendum

We need to clarify that God is not sitting in judgment to destroy, He is sitting in judgment to decide who chose His blessings to enter His Kingdom. Earth changes are inevitable and those who will be left behind will have to face these catastrophic events. Mother earth is rising against the abuse committed upon her skin, and the severity of the coming events are in direct proportion to this abuse. The acts of evil world system that generated much unhappiness, suffering, sickness and death accumulated a negative energy field (from negative feelings) around the poles that causes a tilt, leading to the pole shift. Through the incredible diligent work of light workers this negative energy (darkness) has been compensated with positive energy (light), lessening the devastation, but not avoiding it entirely.

According to the revelation given to us through the ELS Bible code, the first event will be that Wormwood hits the earth, manifesting in rain fire (meteor shower) in May. Considering other predictions with specific dates given, this event may take place any moment, it could be tomorrow. That would make it possible for the 3 days of darkness settle in by Thursday (a prophecy). As to our understanding the Bride of Christ will be caught away during this time or soon after. The event might be the following  week, but the code reveals that by the 14th of May the Bride will be taken. The asteroid event will follow probably in 2017.

February 22, 2016 and beyond


The Great Shaking Is Upon You Message 76

Prophet Efrain Rodriguez, who is the major prophet proclaiming the asteroid collision with earth, repeatedly announced that he and his team of associates did not make any suggestion, or released any information concerning the date of the impact. Many Christians received confirmation concerning the message of Prophet Rodriguez. He tirelessly worked over the past five years to warn governments and agencies. All have responded to his warnings with maintaining secrecy, and not the way it would benefit all of their citizens.

Other prophetic voices and data sources are giving us the following impression:

1. One prophetic voice (that we are aware of, quotation is in UM 8) foretold IN 1882 that the 3 days of darkness will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (We thought the impact could happen on September 24, 2015 that would align with this prophecy, but now that is behind us, please read Latest Update.) As Prophet Rodriguez heard from the Lord, it will reach the earth early morning around 2-4 am. As Holy Spirit bears witness to the truth of prophetic utterances, we believe, along many other believers who prayed for confirmation, that these are genuinely true, credible sources.   

2. Secular sources impressed the same date upon us by pronouncing climate chaos 500 days from the announcement, which would come to September 24, 2015 (and it did, but for another reason, see point 5). Most of us truth seekers assumed that the mentioned ‘climate chaos’ is an allusion for the asteroid impact. Obama’s ‘unforgiving sea’ statement suggested the same (new point of view expressed in update). 

3. Illuminati, through their wicked ways of communication, suggested that NASA (in collaboration with Nuclear Security Department – see UM2) would make an attempt to shut down the asteroid on September 23, likely when it’s in close proximity yet in a safe distance from earth, to avoid potential nuclear explosion damage from the asteroid impact with nuclear warheads. This is solely based on discernment from a movie trailer, based on limited available data. There the 9/23 kept showing repeatedly, but suggestion was made for 9/28 also, by moving the arms of a clock around into positions, then showing this same picture several times, 

4. September 23, 2015 is Yom Kippur, the Day of  Repentance.  We though it speak for the Lord’s integrity to wait until the day passes, that He has instituted for us to repent, and that this day might be our last opportunity before His Hand of Judgment strikes. The Lord does everything in divine order, never too early and never too late. Thus when the day set for repentance passed, it is time for judgment.

5. The Lord, through a trusted prophetic voice, released September 24 to be the date for the beginning of darkness. We could not think of any other event that would better fit for this announcement than a worldwide catastrophe (well, God could). Remember that Scripture says, “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7). Surely, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”, says the Lord in Matthew 24:35. His words are our rock solid foundation for eternity. He said, on that day the gates of Hell have opened.

6. The Lord give us biblical signs from Heaven, using the sun, moon, falling stars, and constellations. These signs are foretold in the Bible. DO NOT confuse them as signs and charts from astrologers that are foretelling the future by stargazing, which the Lord considers witchcraft. Instead, look at the Heavenly design that the Lord has created to give us a frame of reference:

GRAPH_8B_LikeNoOther2 ddb72171b9123010adcda052d4f4f4cde2bbdb63 

(Click on the image to enlarge)

All divine appointments are based upon the Jewish religious calendar. September 28, 2015 is the date of the fourth blood moon of the tetrad of 2015, and it is a super blood moon (closest to earth, appearing 10-15% larger). We could observe another blood moon tetrad in 2014. All eight of them fell on major Jewish holidays of Passover and Feast of Tabernacle, alternatively. Only Almighty God can do such design, whereas important prophetic events are attached to heavenly signs and annual cycles of feasts that the Lord had set, as it foretold in the Bible. (See more on blood moons and related events under Articles tab; Leviticus 23 for biblical feasts.) The super blood moon eclipse on the night of September 27-28 is a very significant date, when both, the 3 days of darkness (on 27th, no longer valid) and the the Feast of Tabernacle (on 28th) might come to an end. It certainly marks the beginning of a new season after the Feast of Tabernacle, and the beginning of the Kingdom Era manifestation at Rosh Hashanah (Sept 13).

7. Some sources suggest a possible asteroid impact (or nearness to earth) in 2019, others believe in planet X crossing at various dates, possibly in March 2016 – 2018. The strongest evidence for something major to happen in September seemed to be the government’s preparation, military presence, UN presence, and information obtained about NASA preparation for use of nuclear warhead(s). Since prophetic voices are most accurate carriers of truth, we should seek the Lord’s confirmation about the credibility of the source.

8. Finally, we have posted a video recently of a prophetic dream that stated the date of the tsunami that will destroy New York on February 6th, 2016. While the Lord’s statements are always true, the delivery system (we who claim to hear Him), can encounter some error. Date setting is a dangerous weapon in Satan’s hand to mislead and discourage many to lose faith. In this case our discernment is that we must be ready for extraordinary change now!!! We hope that we could create urgency for preparation and offered help to receive the message:

The impact date is very near.

However, it does not matter what day the asteroid hit if you are NOT READY to meet Jesus for judgment.

When we have many unanswered questions swirling around in our head, doubt and unbelief can take us over. Do NOT let that happen! Rather believe, repent, pray and prepare! God is very merciful. He had repented from destroying Nineveh because the people repented after the king’s decree. We already know that Obama not willing to repent or honor God, most unfortunately. We have already passed the point of no return. America rejected God Almighty.

Here is a link to another biblical prophecy on the mercy of the Lord. God has not changed since, but the truth is that..

Many people on earth will reach their fate before this day! (about 2 million per week!) The only question that must always be before us is, where are we going from here when our day of departure comes? Do not prepare for the date with an intention to repent the day before! It does not work that way! God looks at the heart! He cannot be deceived or manipulated in any kind of way.

Be ready to enter eternity today and every day!

Be ready to stand for your faith, be ready to face the Lord if have to, every day. Start preparing with the greatest urgency RIGHT NOW, please!

Righteous bagger





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