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What does it mean to be the son of God?

What does it mean to be the son of God?

It means gaining acceptance into the family of God by adoption. Think of it this way! If you would be adapted into a family on earth, would you see the need to adapt to the family rules? I am sure you do. It applies for God’s family also, which is held together by God’s Holy Spirit of LOVE. We must have a willing heart to become pleasing to the Father and the rest of the family, and by our willingness, we are. That does not mean we immediately change into God’s image, for every father’s greatest heart desire is to see his son grow up to be like him. However, it means we are willing to learn His ways with a whole heart. In a workplace that we attend to receive monetary compensation for our work performance, we make a constant effort to become the best for the position. There might be other reasons for good performance, yet we certainly intend to qualify by meeting expectations and adhere to set standards. In case, brotherly love is involved towards colleagues and/or enjoy our work activities, our performance become even better. How much more this concept is true for God’s family! Yet we do not have to perform or qualify to get in, we can come before the Father just as we are. Whoever wants to belong to God’s Family, the Door is always wide open, which is between Jesus’ outstretched Arms. The Door is His Heart.


I am sure you have experienced the joy of receiving love from the one upon whom you have lavished your love. When you try to be pleasing to the Father, you become the apple of His eye, the ‘subject’ of His Love. He not only accepts you just the way you are, but He also takes pleasure in your uniqueness and relationship with Him! He wants you to know Him intimately, and trust in His inexhaustible Love for you. He already knows everything about you and He is in love with you, no matter where you came from and what have you done. Making Christians feel bad or ashamed about their past is Satan’s greatest weapon against the church and God.

God, the source of all love is deeply involved in caring for all your needs, if you let Him. The problem of humankind is not our dependence on God, but our independence from Him. God wants to give you everything and make the way for you to become a mature, loving son, who can make the right decisions on his own! Like a good Father, He is a way maker, your rear guard, and all that you need Him to be, for He is limitless. He wants you to succeed and enjoy life to the fullest. He will always support you to the utmost, to the extend you can handle HIs blessings. For this reason we all are tested and tried before the blessings rain down on us. You will come to realize that His way of thinking and actions are not your ways. A father’s thinking is hopefully exceeds a thinking of his child in terms of wisdom, understanding, and decision making power for the wellness and best interest of the child. How much more of our Heavenly Father! Always make your best effort to conform to His rules, to hear and obey. His blessings are stored up for you along your path of life in that spiritual place. If God would do things the way we do, He would be limited as humans are. This is very important to understand, for this is the root of our faith in God’s ability. He is calling us to trust and obey Him to create the best outcome for us. The Lord can do all things.

What really does not go well with the Lord is half-heartedness towards Him, mischievousness (dishonest gain, selfishness), and insincerity (gainsaying) to harm others. When you are in the world with half foot, than in the church with the other while your prayers are directed towards self-gain, the Lord is about to puke. Do you know Christians that are living like hell (worldly) then go to church to sing Hallelujah? That is the hypocrisy God hates and He is not in with His presence. When you want only the benefits of being a son, but have little to nothing to do about the Father’s business, that is despicable behavior and is sin. God always loves you; He loves the sinners so much that He sacrificed His Son for them, us. God only hates the sin and on the final equation, what you sow is what you reap because God is just. It is part of His perfect character. Eventually, we all receive what we deserve, unless we repent.

A true son of God loves and honors the Father, and has a close relationship with Him. (Jesus had set the best example for us.) He loves the family of God and he is about the Father’s business, winning souls and serving others. He/she is lead by God’s Holy Spirit, thus seeks the Kingdom of God first with all His Righteousness. (No gender discrimination in the spirit realm, therefore we all are sons, as part of the manchild, or male child, the one new man.) A son’s love towards the family and all of the Father’s creation manifests through acts of genuine and sacrificial love by becoming a servant of all.

Abide in His Holy Spirit, be filled! Bless you son of God!


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