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What could be done to stop this?

What could be done to stop this?

Stop the New Word Order? Stop the End Times? We are living in the end days. For some it is, for other has a little time left until the Lord’s plan is completed.

ALbert Einstein said a problem cannot be solved on the level it was created and he was right. We humans are up against a diabolical system made of demons, aliens (the same), and human agents, manipulated by these eternal entities. They have created these earthly conditions, and the world system will not and CANNOT solve it, neither wants to. As the Lord said, the world loves HIs own (John 15:19) Scripture teaches us that the number of Satan – the beast – and the number of a man (Antichrist) are the same, and it is 666. The goals, action and person of the Antichrist is same as Satan for they are one by the spirit. (Rev.13:18 ) We are under the rulership of such organization! As I work my way through these topics, I came to clearly understand that the only solution is IN Christ. We need to align with the plans of ALmighty God, than just hear and obey HIm. He will tear down the satanic rebellion through us. We can and must rule over the system in the spirit, Our weapon is not carnal but spiritual. We win this war in prayer, intercession, and worship. We need to establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men through our love, not violence, not resistance.

Almighty God, Jesus Christ, our King and Lord, is the only existing entity ABOVE the the world system, ruling through His Spirit over the powers of darkness. The Lord wants to use us to accomplish His will. Almighty God alone has the power, authority, wisdom, understanding, and capability is  the . The Lord has a failure proof plan, it is written, we only need to obey Him! Our eternal future is secured IN HIM! We need to actively prepare for His coming for the Bride, going into the harvest field and rescue as many souls as we can! When the preordained number of all saved souls is completed, the Lord returns for the Bride,and until then, He will protect the church from Satan.

There was a time I agreed to ;take over the seven mountains’ from Satan but now I see that is impossible. What is our calling is to bring Heaven to Earth here and now through our individual walk with the Lord, manifesting His Love, Grace, Mercy to others to be the light so that they would come to the light. We should unite to edify, and encourage one another, break bread, pray and worship together, because our strength is in UNITY, but the outcome of the war between heaven and earth is in the Lord’s Hand alone, and that is your HOPE of Glory!  Praise the Lord! Rejoice in Christ and serve Him with a whole heart, loving people into His Kingdom! Amen

Please do not try to figure out anything, or be clever how to survive! Please! Get right with God NOW!


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