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You Tube: Skid Davidson a Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Prophecies given: January 2011

Reposted and published on December 20, 2014

Messages from the Lord Jesus Christ through Prophetess Dana

SONS-OF-GOD-BLOG: You may chose to watch the videos below from which we have transcribed these notes. Please do not find strange that the original prophecy came with extreme urgency in 2011 as if fulfillment was at the door. With every passing day, we get closer and closer. As political events transpiring around the earth, the stage is set for the beginning of fulfillment of every word below even this day. 

There is a reason for delaying the prophetic word to come through.


  1. Prophetess Dana starts nearly every sentence as “the Holy Spirit told me …” which we did not repeat in the transcript, but all is from Holy Spirit through Prophetess Dana.
  2. Uncertain hearing of words put in (parenthesis).

With all that in mind, here are the prophecies.



Mexico flooding. Half of Mexico will be under water.

America will be attacked by North Korea.

Russia is selling nuclear weapons to Columbia, Turkey, Jordan, Venezuela, and Syria for money and power.

Watch the sky! Something will fall from the sky and hit in New York City.

There will be riots in America and will start in Washington DC.

Christians will be persecuted in America and Bibles will be burned.

Israel will sign a peace treaty and will give away land from Jerusalem.

Watch for meteors. There will be falling from the sky and hitting this planet.

There will be flooding in North Carolina, Mississippi, Atlanta, GA, and mud slides in LA., California.

Watch for My signs!

Africa will rise up like a storm, avoid crowds! A new virus will sweeping around this world and watch what (what you do) and watch what (you) eat!

Our enemies will attack us any way they can so be ready! A new banking system is coming. New Word Order, Mark of the Beast. Freedom is lost. We will never go back the old way of life. A new change is coming.

A new change of destruction and starving. People are going to starve, the food prices are going to go up so high, the food shortage from all the disasters.

The weather the jobless will all lead us to the one world government, may God help us all.

He said earthquakes will be all around the world.

A new change of destruction and starving. People are going to starve, the food prices are going to go up so high, the food shortage from all the disasters.

The weather the jobless will all lead us to the one world government, may God help us all.

He said earthquakes will be all around the world.


Published on Dec 20, 2014

America will be attacked and He said, it is coming. America will see riots and violence. We seen the peaceful, now about to see the violence.

Chicago will see violence and riots,  will be earthquakes in Washington, the water will move fast,

All matins will work together on the one world order. There will be drought in Iraq, Iran, Israel, Texas, Germany, Russia and Africa.

Obama’s nation is coming, moving this nation to collapse. He will do the worse thing then anyone before him.

The Indian Ocean will soon see a volcano erupt.

Chine will rise up against America through trade.

The Earth is moving closer to the Moon and the Sun.

Watch! Soon the heavens will shake. Violence will rise up in Japan. Some Japan will see flooding and earthquakes.

The ocean will rise high, our borders are not safe.

Israel will make a move that will anger the nations to provoke him to war.

All will move fast and closer to the end of 2011, all will grow worse.

London England will be under attack from Muslims. They will rise up in the midst of England, Ireland will come to help England.

America is next. Soon all will be revealed.

Be ready people. There is chaos all around us and we know that the false Christ will rise up out of this chaos.

The weather that will hit Washington DC will destroy the cherry blossom trees.



Published on Dec 20, 2014

Your borders are not safe. The enemy is moving through tunnels to move weapons of mass destruction into America for parental?? war in America. 

Stay out of the sun, it is dangerous to your health. The heat will grow worse.

Planets are moving out of their places. Earth is also moving from her place a new line is met.

Texas will grow hotter and hotter, many people will leave until borders were closed.

Arizona and New Mexico will see fires and violence.

Violence will grow worse. Japan will see violence, America will see violence and the unemployment in America will be cut off and government aids. He said Christians will be against and Muslims and Muslims against Christians.

Lebanon will attack Israel.

TX, Pakistan, France, Poland, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela will see earthquakes.

There will be flooding in Tennessee Alabama, North Carolina, Alaska, Houston and New Orleans.

Switzerland and Iceland will see volcanoes causing the ice to melt.

Obama will anger China with his words.

A plague will rise up out of Africa and sweep around the world,

Weather will go worse. Look up, watch the signs, it is coming. These signs will not get better just growing bigger. Texas and Oklahoma will grow hotter.

Pharaoh??? will run high around the world. The next Pharaoh in Egypt will be a religious man. Watch for these signs. We have already seen is moving closer to the rapture of the church.

Pray for the world and pray for America. Pray for Israel. Israel soon will be attacked by Lebanon and Iran,

America will not help Israel, neither will be other nations.

Soon women will move into power, not only in America but other places around the world where women were not allowed. They soon will be rising to power. The Holy Ghost said, this is not the will of God.

Watch for the sings to see the words of God being fulfilled.

Indonesia and Hawaii will be flooded.

Stay out of the sun, as you can, it is going to make many people sick. Be very careful about what you touch, what you eat. Wash everything what you eat and be careful about touching the pumps at the gas station, money, buggies, and doors. Keep your hands clean. This new plague that is coming is going to kill a lot of people.



Watch what you eat. Technology will move fast. Through cells, they will be able to cure cancer, and live longer. What will America do when nations refuse to trade with America?

Also the food shortages. Other nations will not be able to trade food with anyone; they will have to stack what they have for their own people.

Will see the collapse of the European Union. Weather will grow worse. Drought is coming.

Store up water while you can.

False profit will rise up out of chaos.

Watch the enemies of Israel. Soon they will be taking their seats and no one will come to help.

This is only the beginning. Famine will strike the whole earth.

Look up! All will see what falls from the sky and the nations will see what will happen to a nation that turns from their God.

Nations after nations will fall, one after the other. They are going to collapse.

All will move fast and change is coming.

There will be an earthquake in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Israel, and Jordan.

Even Washington will have an earthquake and the white House will shake. God will show Obama that God is in control and not man.

Nations after nations will fall.

There will be a volcano in the Indian Ocean.

Iran will join with Russia in these last days. Iran hates Israel, Russia only join with Iran for power, and money.

Aroid crowds. The enemies are among us. They do not have to come over here to strike America. They are already living among us. Very soon, they are going to start attacking us within our own nation.

Keep praying. Pray for courage and strength to overcome these last days. The Lord said, watch the skies that will be the next sign that things will be falling out from the sky.

Destruction is coming. Be ready! We see now how the enemy is already working. Be ready!



A storm will rise out of the east and the north and come against Israel. No one will come for help.

Damascus will be destroyed, the leaders will be removed from their seats, preparing the way for the fallen angels.  The enemies of God in Israel will soon take their seats.

Soon, we will make first contacts with those who are from other words. Soon, they will be coming to this earth to make that contact with us.

America will be parted into four parts, divided.

The European Union will collapse.

Change is coming. Obama will tax everything. Nations will refuse trade to America and other nations.

Iran will join with Russia and come against Israel and they will also attack small nations around them.

The weather will grow worse to the end. Look up and watch the falls from the sky. It will be the main event. Will all see it. Will no one have to tell us its coming? We will all see it.

The heavens will shake watch what falls to the earth. Meteors and fireballs will fall to this planet, He said, the churches will be closed. Bibles will be burnt and new doctrine is coming and will sweep around the world.

The oceans will rise higher and higher. Destruction will continue. Watch what you eat. The enemies of America will attack us any way they can.  A new virus is coming. Be careful of whom you are around, of what you touch. Be careful. Keep your hands clean.

The government is holding America back. They will be removed. All power will be given to this president. Freedom is lost. the New World Order, One World Religion, One Banking System, Babylon is coming.

Soon the bottomless pit will be opened and those that have been bound since the beginning of time will be loosed upon this earth.  We have not seen the lots of violence that will come from these that are freed from their prison. May God help us all. We need to stand together, we need to stock up on food and water and we need to try to get a generator because electricity is soon going to be going. And we are going to be without electricity, we are going to be in the dark, without heat, those who can get generators, do so.

She is passionately telling the people to get prepared. Gold and silver will not worth anything along with money.

She says she asked Holy Spirit to reveal to her what would be the answer to help the world in America. The Lord said, Dana, there is no answer! These nations are falling. You are seeing the death of this world. It is time for all this to pass away.  It is time! That is what you are seeing. You are seeing the death of this world, and He said, all these things have to happen. He said, it is coming and it will only grow worse all the way up unto the end. Prepare! Do whatever you can to make it and please, help others who do not have any food, I know that is going to be hard. I am telling you, our government is getting control of farms, they are getting control of the food, and the Holy Spirit told me that all the people that are stocking up and all of these people who have been preparing, He said, those that are stronger and mightier than them will come and take what they have.

Invitation for salvation



Warnings to Ps. 40, lotchild777

China will put pressure on Obama, food prices will soar high, and taxes will rise high.

The rich are next, losing all.

Watch what falls to the earth. Time is now. All will move fast. The end is at hand. Prepare your hearts to meet the Lord in the air. Soon, very soon, all will be revealed.

The sun will grow stronger, burning all in its path. Watch the weather. Storms are next.  Violent storms destroying all.

There will be dangerous lightening, high winds, and tornadoes. and hell moving all in the path of destruction.

A wave will soon cover Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia, Houston, and New Orleans. The green grass and the trees will be burnt up.

Iran, Lebanon, and China will soon move against Israel. All aid to Israel will be cut off. America will abandon Israel. America is next.

The next wave is coming, will all grow worse. Watch the sky. It will come from the east.

Violence will sweep around the world Israel will be taken.

In China, Japan, Italy, Greece and America will be violence. The next Pharaoh is coming to take control.

The hear will cause a sickness, a virus will move through the air because of the heat. There will be famine and death. Freedom is lost, the armies are moving through your borders and come to America to control America.

China is joining with Mexico, Russia and Iran. They are coming.

Meteors are falling now. All will grow worse. Drought, famine, and violence preparing the way for the beast.

A meteor, a star will fall in the middle of Israel in Tel Aviv. Israel, Ireland are next to fall.

One by one all these nations will collapse.

The Holy Spirit said there will be a volcano in Hawaii, Egypt and Japan.

There will be earthquakes in Israel, Egypt, China, Japan, Houston, Tennessee, New Orleans, Alabama, Washington, Alaska, Forth Worth, Texas, Idaho, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Main.

China will come to America’s farmlands. Churches will be attacked.





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