A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

Towards Solution

Towards Solution

Over the years I gave all to be a faithful follower of Christ and waited for the time of Kingdom manifestation in active preparation. While I sought ways to spread the message of the Kingdom and the many awesome revelations I have received over the years when I cam across the prophecy about the coming asteroid impact.  Ir promted me to drop everything I was doing to

The war between good and evil, our victory in Christ

The only One power able to win against evil is Christ Jesus, the Savior, Lord and King of the world! This war is between Christ and Anti-Christ. His victory is sure through His Holy Army of Angels and Sons, that’s us! We live in marvelous times serving the the God of the Universe to accomplishing universal goals and eternal higher purpose to tear down the satanic rebellion! Jesus is King now. The Kingdom of God is at Hand. He rules, and He will gives us a government that loves and serves the people, they will work with the King for the welfare of the earth. This is the reason that we do not ever need another presidential election. Nothing can stop a reptilian from forcing their evil agenda on humans, expect the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ through our prayers and actions while abiding in Holy Spirit! Personally, There are so many voices speaking against this truth, the entire world’s agenda is to oppress and uproot Christian beliefs. Even New Agers say that  Christians must either change or cease to exist.  I understand that is their opinion and i respect that, love and pray for them. Many light workers give their lives to elevate the earth frequency to enter the next dimension, and that is very honorable. Yer Christ lives in me and I know Him personally through my life experiences and nothing can take that away from me. Many will see and experience it through the infinite goodness of God, as the masses will experience the outpour of God’s love and power, and divine manifestation where He cannot be denied anymore, which will bring in the great soul harvest.
I have been delivered from near death (attempted murders and threatening life situations) several times by the Power of His Name. Inviting HIm into our situation by calling upon Jesus’ Name iis all it takes to enjoy divine protection , He is well able to handle any situation. This is the most important knowledge one can  have. In a video about alien abductions (we are talking about millions of people) I heard a testimony of an ‘unsaved’ person. She claimed ‘to see ETs coming into her bedroom (this is common), and she said, “I remembered that there is a guy whose name is powerful and I only said Jesus, and they immediately disappeared.” Then she said they have never came back. Just because this might be unbelievable and new to some, it is true.  It happened to me repeatedly when demons entered my room at night. If you think of it, why would it be unbelievable? God is everywhere, all knowing and all powerful. This is how it should be, the NORM. He did not create us to abandon us. I am astonished about the various extraterrestrial races not knowing God at all. Annunaki claims that hey have invented Jesus Christ and religions for control and division, but I tell you, if they could have, they done a wonderful job. I do not believe it and it doesn’t matter much either way.  We know God’s goodness and the power of God by experience, and I pray that everyone would come to know Him that way. Head knowledge, history, theology, science all fall short in absence of experiencing who God really is for His creation. True, we should work with God as opposed to waiting for HIm to make the way while we walk the other way, but His power is real over every obstacle. We do not have to fight this alone.

Scripture reveals the outcome of the war between Christ and the Antichrist, which involves angels , demons (generally called good and evil forces), and supernaturally empowered humans. Unless we see the affairs of the world from this higher perspective, we are powerless and lost. Having the mind of  Christ is the only way to victory, for now billions are deceived by accepting and welcoming ‘service to others aliens’ who are openly planning to overtake the planet soon, gaining human sympathy and collaboration. This is quite alarming and whoever believes in such undertaking is utterly mistaken for not knowing God or His plans!  God will intervene but we are individually responsible for the choices we make that has eternal consequences.

However, there is no reason to fear any demons or aliens, or magnify their evil deeds. True, their actions are diabolic, vicious, outrageous, and despicable, as we can see them working through people, governments, world organizations, banks, ISIS, for example. Demons have as much power as we grant them. We have a blanket protection through God that we must activate by faith confession. Those who know God intimately and on a mission to fight evil are under divine protection and Satan cannot touch them.  Christians who are martyred pass through the portals of death into eternal glory, which is by all means great gain over remaining for the times of tribulation that is coming upon the earth.

During the time of persecution and dictatorship the people of God will emerge and flourish. Thus in our shortsighted view we see unprecedented evil emerging, but looking just a little further we can already see and rejoice in worship of the glory that will invade the earth.

Safety advice: Remember to call upon the Name of the Lord and plead the Blood of Jesus in bad situation. It saves lives, He saved mine numerous times. 

(Those who stumble over the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and made equal to Almighty God, please understand the concept of the Holy Trinity whereas God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit are One in essence, inseparably. They do everything together from everlasting to everlasting in bond of perfect Love, and the same is expected from us as sons of God. Total Universal Oneness, all in God and all are One. This is a hard concept to humans who strive for individualism, yet the Lord is not calling us to uniformity but unity is essence. That means we abide (remain continually) in the same spirit, Holy Spirit alone, therefore we must chose to live holy lives in love as free will offering to the Lord. Jesus is our perfect example for unity with God the Father, manifesting HIs unconditional Love in holiness and righteousness – submit in humility to God’s universal laws by faith.) 


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