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September, 2015

By Nita Johnson
The only thing that will be able to stop the Elite is the Church. Now you may hear those words and think we’re not big enough to do that. Oh yes, we are. Like the things I mentioned earlier – which were major answers to prayer – all God wants from us is prayer. Prayer, a holy life, and repentance. If He can have those three things, there isn’t anything He can’t and won’t do. As close as we are to the implementation of the New World Order, He will stop it if He can get what He wants and what He needs from His Church.

The book of Joel promised, at a time Israel was in utter apostasy, that if they would drop everything, come together, and repent of their sins before God, He would save their land. We see in the book of Jonah that the people he spoke to were not even God’s people—they were Gentiles. However, when He sent the prophet Jonah to Nineveh, the people began to weep, wail and repent over the things that Jonah was prophesying. As a result, God held the judgment back for decades. I think it was 120 years. 120 years later, when the generations forgot about the prophet and his warnings, they returned to their sins. The judgment that Jonah foretold came to pass. God would do the same thing today if the Church got on her knees.

Can we stop the New World Order? Yes, we can. Even if they begin to infringe and come in a war-like manner, we can stop it if we will repent—are you with me? Do you believe me? If we will repent of our wicked ways and turn to God, seek His face with all of our hearts, He will heal the land. That’s what He’s after. That’s what He’s looking for from us. America has come to a place where the love of sin is becoming so great, so insidious. God alone can stop that heart. How many of you, as you look around—whether it’s internet, television, newspapers — whatever it is —how many of you have to say that the cancer of sin is insidious? It is worse than you ever thought it would be in this country. How many of you stand in that place? I prophesied in my book, “Prepare for the Winds of Change,” that pornography would be tomorrow’s babysitters. That has come to pass. How bad can a nation be when pornography is the babysitter? When they are boasting of their soft pornography, their hard pornography—when they’re boasting of their sin one to another. How bad can a nation be?

Furthermore, may I share something with you? I was sitting one day in the living room of a woman whose relative, a couple generations back, was a prophetess and lived in Jordan. Jesus began to visit her every day and speak to her things about Jordan, Israel, and about the days we’re living in now. I was in her living room when suddenly, the Angel of the Lord showed up right in front of me, and said, “Nita, I want to show you something. Watch.” (The Angel waved his hand.) The minute he did that, a scene opened up. It was either transported to me or me to it; I don’t know. All I know is I was no longer in a cognitive state in her living room. I was in front of this scene, and I walked into this theater. The theater curtains were closed. Suddenly they began to open up just like they do in theaters when the curtains open and then begin to show you the movie. Except that, this wasn’t a movie. It was Christian leaders—people who had huge ministries. They were shown partaking in games, sexual orgies, and—things I don’t even want to share because they were so perverse and perverted— it was horrible! Now, I can’t stand to see this stuff because I live in the presence of God. I don’t live in the world. So, when this scene opened up, and I saw Christian leaders engaged in this kind of stuff with one another, I yelped. I didn’t even think about where I was. I tried to get away from this scene, to the point—I have to laugh at myself now—but, to the point that I had climbed over and behind this woman’s sofa, hiding from the licentiousness that was before my eyes.

Suddenly, I heard her say, “Nita, what are you doing? Nita, what are you doing? Nita!” She’s trying to get my attention to pull me out of whatever was happening, probably thinking: This lady is a little dingy, this isn’t what I’ve heard about her. Finally, I heard her calling my name, and that’s what brought me out of the experience.

I stood up behind her sofa, and she said: What are you doing back behind the sofa? I said, I don’t know. I don’t know how I got here. I began to try to explain to her what I saw and how awful it was. She replied, “You were crying as you were climbing behind my sofa trying to get away from this scene.” I said, “if you could only see it the way I saw it. These were not people of the world; they were Christian leaders doing this stuff. It was an Angel that showed it to me. So I know that what I saw was true.”

I’m not going to tell you what her reply was, but she did tell me of a Christian leader who was engaged in that kind of stuff even as we spoke. I was saddened and shocked. I said to her, “Don’t you realize America is doomed? We have no hope if this is the leadership of the Church.” If the Church is doing this, who do we turn to, to save America? It’s sin that opens the door to the stuff that the Elite want to bring in. It is the sin!

I can remember in one of our Gatherings, I woke up for my early morning prayer, which is usually about four o’clock. Sometimes it’s earlier; sometimes it’s a little later. But usually, right about four o’clock in the morning. I awoke, and I was feeling a very special presence of the Lord. So I started praying very quickly so that I could engage. Suddenly, I found myself following a group of people down a corridor. At the top of the corridor, it was like a “T”. You could go this way to a room, or you could go this way to another room. The group I was following turned to the right. And I was thinking; I’ve got to know what they’re doing. Who are these people? Where are they going? What are they planning on doing? So, I followed them to the right. As I followed them to the right, they walked into a room and closed the door. I thought: I have to know what they’re doing. They look like government people. I’ve just got to find out what they’re doing. So I turned to the right and opened the door, just a little bit so that I could sneak-a-peek. And it was the same kind of stuff. They had an obelisk in the room in which they were worshiping. They would get up and play. I was horrified. I was broken. I was devastated because these were our government leaders. These people were the heads of our nation. And they’re in this room in every kind of pornography, licentiousness and revelry you can imagine. It was horrible. I shut the door. I started crying. My heart was broken; I couldn’t believe that our nation was doing this to the Lord.

And then I remembered that the hall went the other way. So I wanted to see what was at the other end of the hall. When I arrived, I opened the door just a little bit—again, just enough to see what was happening but, hoping I wouldn’t be disturbing anything or anybody. Who did I see there but Elijah? He was stripped down to his hips. Sitting on a throne was the Lord Jesus Christ. Elijah was bowing down to the Lord Jesus Christ. His soul was so holy! The environment, the atmosphere it was all so holy! He kept saying: Holy art Thou, O Lord. Holy, holy, holy art the Lord. Then he would say: Lord, I am nothing. I am nothing. You alone are worthy to be praised. That would go on for a little while. Then he would say: I must have Your covering. I must have Your mantle before I can deal with what is happening down the hall. Then he’d start worshiping the Lord again in holiness.

Finally, the Lord did this with His hands, (reached out in a gesture to clothe Elijah.) Subsequently, the clothing of our Lord came upon Elijah, and holiness clothed him. It made my heart stand in awe of him. He rose up and simply said: Thank you, Lord. Thank You! Now I know my mission will prosper.” Listen to that. It doesn’t matter who we are. We can do nothing without Him. It’s Him we must have. We can’t save America without Him. We can’t even save our families without Him. The humility that I saw in that man—I was able to see him through the eyes of the prophet, and I could see the deep humility in his soul. It was just awe inspiring. I gently closed the door, and stood back and waited for him to come out. He came out, went down the hall, opened the same door I had previously opened, and that was when the experience came to an end.


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