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The Alien Agenda

There are many voices out there bringing us good news through channeling, promising ascension and much good to come ..

Recent Pleiadian message promising elevation of frequency, Annunaki promises their glorious return, the gods are returning. They claim that Yahweh was invented by the Annunaki. We hear about the protection of the earth by benevolent aliens surrendering the globe in six city sized mother ships, having thousands of spacecrafts, they are destroying reptilian bases, liberating captive humans and disarm nuclear warheads. Thousands of humans are working on those mother ships and some are bringing reports. It cannot be denied, but so far we have not heard many good reports. Most will never return. Those astronauts who landed on the moon silenced to live in secrecy for the rest of their lives about what they have seen, suffering emotional and mental scars for life. We do not deny aliens, nor believe in what they represent. We know about supernal servants of Jesus Christ, and His Angelic Army those working overtime to establish the Kingdom and bring about the necessary change.  The two reports are differing.

Most recent Awareness message revels that aliens stopped Nibiru in its track with an explosion (a planet said to be 5-7-10 times the size of earth) that would secure the earth from Nibiru’s track of destruction, as slowing it down would give time to earth to move behind the sun traveling on its orbit. That is wonderful news if it is true, we will see.

The true concern is that those benevolent aliens who are working in the ‘spotlight’so to speak, some representatives are on every radio show, do not believe Yahshua ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) to be the soon returning ruler of the earth, King, and Lord, nor would acknowledge Him to be the Messiah. Why is this a problem? Because acknowledging the identity of Jesus Christ is the demarcation line between truth and falsehood. In this we have no doubt because we know our Lord Jesus Christ intimately, and no one can separate us from His Love anymore. Strong Faith is gained by experience that we have no way to share, other then standing for our conviction and asking our Readers to Keep an Open Mind to gain this experience. Unbelief cannot produce faith, only willingness to enter in will. Also, knowing the Word of God (Mind of Christ) has great power to transform lives. One of the most dramatic conversion stories to prove this is a serial killer of more than thirty women, read article Stephen Morin. and his Audio story.

Returning to the faith of extraterrestrials. Although they are much advanced in many ways, they are creatures just as we are. Unless they seek God for counsel they will be uninformed about the Lord’s plans, and in our eyes, they are. It is unheard of in the Universe that inhabitants of the local Universe would not know their Sovereign God who will surely reveal Himself on every sphere and planet, thus only willful ignorance or denial can result in making such statement. Some aliens deny the works of Satan as well and says, we need to leave it behind once and for all. True, but not by ignoring it. We need to overcome it. Both of these attitudes are wrong, questionable and do not bear witness to the Spirit of God. We are not asking our Readers to take it granted from us, we ask to please pray about it for your own sake!

The satanic rebellion afflicted the earth and some other planets in the local Universe for some 260,000 years (book of Urantia). Satan and Lucifer were judged and annihilated in 1993, but billions (if not more) demons are still running rampant! Just look at the mass on the earth, how they plot to kill most of us to take over the planet! (If I were a benevolent alien, I would labor to enlighten humanity, not only about the reptilians and grays, but the entire system of demons, exposing the big picture! Yet we have found that the literature we consider truth (Bible, Urantia book (Truth Book), True Life in God, Book of Truth and more, are oppressed and hidden from sight by these aliens. This is so wrong that it serves as evidence of their true identity and agenda. You see, if we are Christians, that is what we promote. We do not berry the Bible to claim that we are gods, or that there is no God other than universal consciousnesses. (Our spirit of discernment says, these aliens have ill will and they still deceive the whole earth by appearing to be benevolent.)

Now is time to clean up the earth from evil spirits and their influence, and it is time for the people of the earth to return to God through Christ Jesus. We agree with everyone who says that walking in the Spirit of God in humility, love, and honoring the brotherhood of men is the way, but we also must honor the Fatherhood of God in worship. We cannot worship self by putting self advancement, illumination, and ascension ahead of seeking the Spirit of God, and denying the Sovereignty of God over our lives. This is His Universe and He will run it the way He wants it from everlasting to everlasting. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, for He is the Sovereign ruler of this local Universe, which is our first station in our paradise ascension process. In addition, we are living out Bible prophecies daily, winch is strong evidence for the truth of the Bible. All that is happening before our eyes in America and the world (political formation, power and agenda of EU, Vatican, UN, United States, Israel, Middle East) is written and being fulfilled. It cannot be denied, only ignored. Is that what you would choose to do? Ignore the truth? We believe you do not! People perish for lack of knowledge of truth, which is the Word of God. Please give it the benefit of the doubt before accepting uninformed opinions.

The question is, how would aliens from far planets (some from how many light years away!!!???) know or understand why Jesus Christ went to the Cross and why He is the only one who can redeem us? Or why is He the only way of escape from the satanic system’s grip? They cannot! How much we know about life on their planets unless they tell? We learned it through our studies that other planets that are under satanic influence had embraced the bestowal mission of the Creator Son (we know Him by the name of Jesus Christ) and the message of the Kingdom of God, and chose good over evil. They have denounced all evil influence instead of crucifying their deliverer and savior, and now much more advanced then humanity, living in peace and love for the higher benefit of all.

The earth is awakening to denounce evil influence and chose love and good will for all, but still crucifying the Son of God afresh, our Prince of Peace. This means those new age believers are being deceived by the alien lies. Now aliens claim to be our saviors, and when people fall back on their own discernment to believe it or not without having any evidence, they do accept the lie without the guidance of the Spirit of God that they deny, reject, mock, criticize, and make no effect by unbelief. Unbelief is an evil spirit contrary to the Spirit of God. We can pray for faith and truth, and then God will lead us into all truth. (I had to do the same, because I could not believe anything Jesus said when I first met Him. No wonder, my head was filled with falsehood and every evil doctrine. They had tore my self esteem apart, so even God’s love for me was unbelievable. The truth was so unfamiliar to me that I could just reject it all, but instead, I prayed.) Most earth people believe they are telling the truth, but when it comes to believing The Truth, they chose to ridicule Christ’s sacrifice. Almighty God is not pleased, and He has been bagging us for hundreds of years to repent and return to Him. Now comes the greatest shaking ever, to cause us to return when everything else is shaken and taken.

Again, biblical prophecies are getting fulfilled daily. (read Isaiah 17 about the destruction of Damascus, a recent fulfillment; Rev. 11, 12, 13, 14 is in progress, and many more). All Messianic prophecies came through, spoken by Old Testament prophets of the Hebrew Bible, but even the Jews are in denial of it, because it does not fit their old religion, still being stocked in the past. Other are so advanced in seeing the light of the new age that it becomes a stumbling block to the truth for them. Christians unable to shine so bring that their light would draw the multitudes to the truth, instead, many chose to walk in the ancient path of the Pharisees when Jesus’ was first time on earth. Sticking to their gun of shutting truth at everyone with an attitude of judgmentalness and hypocrisy, dividing, fighting and devouring each other. Is that not Satan’s doctrine? Yes, it is. He said, let’s divide and conquer, and he did.

Talking the talk is not enough anymore, only walking the walk is. The streets, malls, businesses, public joints, and homes are our mission field. There is no need to go out to evangelize when one’s home is falling apart, it does not work that way. We must lead by example. Mainstream church is an evil system (the system is evil) filled with disillusioned people, praying to God to better serve self and studying how to be blessed. It is a shame after what Christ Jesus has done for us. There are also growing number of Urantia students and servants who are facing the enormous task to establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. We are called to be the bridge between all that is leading to the isles of local paradise.

Humanity see such an enlightenment through these aliens that they have became gods, seem to know everything better then God Himself. Much truth mingles with a little lie is a lie, regardless if it is spread intentionally or not. Test the spirits by the spirit. Look for humility and selfless service to all. A little leaven leavens the whole lump, as Jesus has warned us. God bless the aliens and all light workers, I am not trying to argue because I do not need to. I love the light workers and admire their dedication, energy, quest for the betterment of humanity. That’s what is all about but there is a Way all roads narrow down to, and from there there is only one way, Jesus Christ, the ruler of the Universe, Michael of Nebadon. Watch and See! Seek and you will Find! Very soon we will see who is telling the truth. He is coming! God is real, Jesus is real, judgment is coming, destruction is at the door.

If ascension is coming with much sunshine, we will see that too. Just be on your guard not to get caught up in falsehood and miss what God has for you! It is not too late to repent and be caught up in the rapture, but tomorrow might be too late. Immediately after hell will be unleashed on earth that you do not want to be a part of. We must relay on our faith in prayer, because time is up for just studying thousands of pages of alien doctrine, nor it would help without the guidance of Holy Spirit. The people of the world ‘led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth’. (2 Tim. 3:7) 

Much of the freely available knowledge about human history, religion, and current affairs are very questionable. Illuminati made it no secret that they have rewrote history, but beside that current events and knowledge of UFO phenomenon, alien encounters, esoteric research and science leave many questions for accuracy.

We have put countless studly hours touching on all available information about aliens and their activities with an increasing suspicion that all is a lie, or little truth mingled with much lies. It does not mean these things do not exist, but the knowledge that everyone accepts as truth does not stand firm for truth. We know that such vast amount of information cannot be disqualified all at once, but easy to see that deception is flowing like a fast rushing dingy floodwater. Yet the Holy Spirit of Truth, our guide and counselor cannot be deceived. As we are seeking the Lord for revelation of truth a new vision of the coming kingdom began to unfold. We do not need to know more about the evil domain than necessary in order to walk in victory, breakaway from the old to have a breakthrough into the new. New era, new domain, new values, higher standards, new leaders, as transformation began for all things to become new. It takes the authority of Jesus Christ to overcome all deception, only by His power in us can we make all things new by becoming co – creators with God. To do that we have to have an ongoing relationship with God. This is what these alien entities seem to ignore entirely. The Lord’s grace empowerment is freely given to those who can be trusted representatives of His, but by what authority those advance in the liberation of earth who deny God? That is the spirit of rebellion again.

Vast number of human beings have been abducted or contacted by various alien groups and their teachings and testimonies reverberate the spheres of the spirit and galaxies. The only proof for their believes is experience. Can demons manifesting in various living forms provide them with the experience? Yes, demon is a collective word for eternal entities operating in rebellion of God’s Universal Laws. The available information and knowledge being the only reality apart from God, it is not necessarily truth. Even our government made a coalition with extraterrestrials whose ethical conduct was lesser then of humans. After breaking the terms of the covenant, humans stood up against the alien’s deceptive practices but could not break free, due to inadequate technology. This should tell us that we are not dealing with highly evolved well-meaning universal intelligence but demons. If then those involved making this fatal agreement would sought Almighty God through prayer, all of it could be avoided. History repeats itself as humanity makes its own rules of existence apart from God, and plunge into judgment. Destruction is at the door NOW, even beginning this month.

Humanity will fight for survival not for entertainment and high minded self realization. Beware of the religious spirit, no matter what form it comes, alien, or ascended master, or the god of destruction, beheading, ancient religions, Buddha, or no religion (atheism is a religion if that is where your faith is). There is only one true God whose word is true, and truth will prevail. You will see Him through the manifestation of the sons of God.

Does aliens need salvation? We do not know. Until they were not in denial or part of the satanic rebellion, they did not. The whole Universe is advancing in an evolutionary manner as Almighty God created it to be. I always wonder about the ‘other flock’ Jesus said we do not know about. Who are the other flock? We will soon find out. People perish for lack of knowledge of God. Every creature continue on the course set before them, expect humans and aliens. These aliens do not acknowledge God as a person, but as one who is the sum of the universal consciousness of all creation.If you believe this, you must repent and seek the only true God, for you are deceived.

It is most important to know that true celestial teachers of the truth are on earth today to enlighten humanity, reaching to those who are prepared to receive truth and help during the difficult transitioning. These teachers are extending the knowledge of the truth of the Holy Bible and Urantia book, which is entirely different from the rivers of information about the spirit spheres and information about ‘alien’ species visiting and operating on earth today. In our opinion, it simply makes those concepts, teachings, announcements, and information inferior. It proves our firm belief that all the information associated with the new age alien agenda is distorted to lie. After tearing down the false alien foundation we can start building on this new foundation, the Magistrate Mission of Christ. Not Maitreya, not the many ascended masters, not all those arrogant alien gods.

Let there be true light. Let us put away all arguments and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, Michael of Nebadon with a whole heart, help establishing Heaven on Earth, here and now. It is up to us and it will stop the Hand of God dealing for destruction, and will usher in the era of Light and Life.  Amen 

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