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Recognize a demon when you see one!

Recognize a demon when you see one!

Most everyone is interested in universal and galactic affairs and events. Humanity is told that myriads of benevolent extraterrestrials are working on, and surrendering the earth with UFO mother ships for our planet’s protection and spiritual uplift. All seems to be under control, their advancement is promising towards world peace and elimination of social ills. They aim to enlighten humanity by illumination and ascension through self effort, yet judgment, repentance, and returning to the Lord is not called out. We need to address this controversy and guide our readers in understanding and wisdom, for there is only one truth and it is absolute. Other articles exploring the same subject in deeper depths, here we only want to post some questions to ponder.  

Do you really think the demons would allow benevolent aliens to operate without any resistance? According to a spiritual eyewitness in the second heaven, the spiritual darkness forms a hard rock type covering around the globe that demons can walk on. They are fighting fierce battles with warrior angels that the Lord revels to us, yet benevolent extraterrestrials seem to rule the spirit realm, performing their assignments and activities on earth.

Where have the demons gone? 

According to their version of truth, the only enemies we would have left are reptilians and grays. We hear reports of few thousand reptilians left on planet earth living underground, but the Lord informed us that millions of demons and hybrids entered in through the star-gates that CERN has opened. All other alien species claim to be benevolent, yet they know nothing about God, do not worship Him, even deny His existence. God is a giver, He always creates and gives, He only receive our worship in return. Our worship replenishes His output of energy, creating the needed balance in the Universal energy circuits, which He showed me in a vision. Worship is not a choice, it is the only way we are called the children of God. Yet we never heard extraterrestrials worship God or give Him thanks, but heard them vehemently rejecting Him in the Person of Jesus Christ, our Lord. His position will not change based on opinions, and soon every spiritual eye shall see Him. The world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The real question is, where are the billions of demons disappeared then? We know that one third (meaning a lot, in the billions, but not the majority of all) of the holy angels parted with Lucifer at the time of rebellion. They are not gone. They do not leave underground, or on Zeta Reticuli, that also is a lie. They are here on earth, preparing to show off after the rapture.  

Do you really think benevolent aliens would be free to operate their huge city size mother ships around the globe? Think again! They claim that we already have the victory over evil and that is true. Jesus Christ, the ruler of the Earth won the victory. Now comes the cleansing of the earth through judgment with His Angelic Army. Benevolent aliens claim ascension and spiritual uplift, some even published a message that judgment has been cancelled. (If I remember well it was this person Hatonn (Aton) calming to be Almighty God, but that is hard for him. He is doing a very poor job at it. Quote: Greetings to all.  I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Lighted Realms.  I am known, in my higher dimensions as CREATOR GOD ATON,  (hATONn with the “h” and “n” silent) Creator of this Nebadon Universe.”)

Please get real! We recognize a demon when see one, because we know who the Creator of the Universe is. I know Him personally, talk with Him, and walk with Him, which is the only way to know false from true. The Lord once asked me not to read bible commentary from a religious group that teaches falsehood. I told Him, “Lord, I want to know what they say, so that I would recognize error”. He answered and said, “In order to recognize error all you need to know is the truth”. How true! If you do not know truth, how will you know a lie? That is impossible. However, if you refuse to know the truth as so many insist to hold unto these extraterrestrial, new age, wave X revelations while bashing the true God (the Word of God, Jesus, who became flesh and walked among us, He is the Word), then you are not less of a rebel than the demons. No offence please, that is because you came into agreement with them; you walk with them, believe in them, and you have turned away from the true God. If you think you serve God while actually pushing the agenda of demons that is the great deception. It happened to the Pharisees when Jesus was on earth.   

Do you really think Almighty God would send His Holy Planetary Prince and other universal personalities to earth to make treaties with governments and the UN? That is what Galactic Federation is about, but not God’s servants. We do not go to the UN to push their spiritual agenda to establish one world religion. This should tell you that Galactic Federation (claims to be representing extraterrestrials from 200,000 plus planets), is NOT from God. It is so ridiculous to say something like that! It is obvious that little North Korea is getting big and bad, because they are supported and receiving technology from aliens. Getting the job done? Prophecy foretells that they will nuke the US; Miami will be destroyed as they attack through rackets carrying nuclear warheads.

Do you really think those holy benevolent extraterrestrial being (if they were with God then must be holy) would come in their own name without even mentioning God or acknowledge His existence? They do deny His existence, claiming God to be the sum of Universal Consciousness of ascended enlightened beings, therefore braking away form the Father’s will. Do you know that was the original sin of the satanic rebellion? 

There are many questions we have no answer for at this time. Some things are just too good to be true. We seek the Lord for answers and they are on the way. Everything that is in secret will be revealed, everything that is concealed will be brought to light. Jesus Christ, Yahushua haMashiach is here to firmly establish His Kingdom on earth. When any of these extraterrestrial organizations will be in His service, only then we will acknowledge them benevolent beings working for the uplifting of our planet and its inhabitants. I pray for that day would come for the glory of God.


The deception is just that, make you believe that your work is in the light while it is in false light!  Well, no wonder! Even Satan can disguise himself to look like an angel of light! (2 Cor. 11:14)

If you could discern (see with the third eye) deception it would not be deception, it would be a simple lie. But beware, for you say, you believe in Christ! Jesus Christ, Jahushua ha Mashiach, foretold it 2,000 years ago: 

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (Mat 24:4-5)

You are living out His prophecy now! And there is so much proof and such a little time!

People without the guidance of the Spirit of God are electrified by these ‘new discoveries’, because they so easily believe a lie without seeing proof, by the spirit of lies. The Sumerian tablets are no proof, they too are a lie, freshly made to fit Satan’s agenda. The material of those tablets proved to be no more then 5,000 years old. How about the Emerald Tablets? Look at them again. They were made for such a time as this. Even their language is disclosing hell, full of new age terminology, using the same words we now hear in5d, made into science. The fact that the Emerald Tablets are made of unearthly space material in not proof for their ancient origin. If humans cannot alter, break or examine the material, how can they identify its age? If they had been made 50,000 years ago, would they look like they do? Please! They were made by Satan’s servants when he and his followers rewrote history. That is what newly enlightened humanity goes by, the whole is a big blasphemy.

How gullible people are believing the lies of the devil, but will fight to the skin of their teeth against God who tells the truth. The promoter of the Antichrist, the second beast of Revelation 13, is on the way to deceive the whole world even more, if that’s possible! He will promise peace and safety, but its a lie! The world leaders will sign a peace agreement just to break it, then will all hell be unleashed. This is only the beginning, and of course, it will take years before all is finished. 

Alas for the day! The Day of the Lord is at Hand. Very soon, all that is written here will bear witness to you about the truth. 


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