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Rapture Update

ATTENTION! Rapture Update

We promote the rapture of the church on this blog (you are the church if received the Holy Spirit of God through salvation in Jesus Christ), but in truth, not everyone will leave this Earth permanently, only everyone will be changed that caught away. From those the Lord will assemble six divisions, some to work from ‘Heaven” leaving the Earth permanently, but many of us will return and assemble here an unbeatable end time army. We are going to join with all Light forces to finish cleaning up the Earth from all spirits and practices that represent darkness, and usher in the left behind into the Kingdom. If you do not feel ready to leave the Earth, you might be one with an earthly mission.

 The Crossover

The much awaited redemption of our bodies will come very soon (in new age terms, becoming crystalline energy bodies), preceded by some shaking, and then the rapture. We are becoming One with God by reuniting the Soul with the Heart that will end duality.

According to one Christian vessel the Lord said, The crossover is happening in the next 14 days, which will end by July 7th. Crossover means entering the Kingdom of God, entering eternity*. The Lord repeatedly said to us that He is coming “very soon”, and that we should watch and wait, and make a deliberate effort to stay away from all negative people and situation. (Dark entities are trying their hardest to wreck havoc daily to destruct us to miss the event.) Light forces put July 3-9 to be an important time frame to step into a new opportunity. Regardless of dates, the Lord is surely coming, so keep your eye on the Lord as long as it takes! Every prophetic message is about His coming, redemption, change, trust, for NOW the wait is over. Whatever the shaking might be and how long it will take before the rapture, it will be our greatest opportunity to bring souls to Christ. We pray to see you there!

*Note: The Earth is already in eternity (6th dimension, some parts are approaching 7 and 8, but dense cities full of negative (fearful) people may cause large areas being in 3rd dimensional darkness. We need to shape up to ascend with Mother Earth, if not in this rapture then at the Shift (changing into light bodies), because Mother Earth has already reached the point of no return! Ascension represents energy, so we need to increase our energy levels by enlightenment, purification, and sanctification. We work with God to do it for us, we have nothing to fear just need to be willing, and put His will first to establish His rule in our lives. Only then can we establish His rule on Earth collectively. We are here to help, ‘but seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.‘ Matthew 6:33

What is the criteria to cross over?

The only criteria is faith in Jesus Christ that develops through close relationship, resulting in a commitment to serve Him with a whole heart in holiness and righteousness.  It is not too late to take a leap of faith if that is the only desire of your heart, just make sure that you are saved and  then keep your eye on Jesus. You are where your attention takes you.

How to cross over? 

You Tube is full of rapture alerts that you can easily find through the search engine. One important detail about the coming rapture event according to our understanding is that we will have to step forward in faith (step out on faith). We are going to meet the Lord ‘in the air’ means we will be caught up into a mother ship.

In a spiritual experience (dream, vision, or real caught away, our mind cannot perceive the way since not everyone will be caught away, yet everyone will get a change to step in), we will stand in front of a huge spacecraft that has multiple doors and see no end to it. We will see a door open and hear the Lord’s invitation (or whatever way we will be invited to come in), and only FEAR and GUILT could keep us from stepping through the door. The Lord’s GRACE is sufficient for us all. We pray for you, please pray for us! BIND AND DENOUNCE FEAR IN PRAYER! Prepare your soul by drawing near to Jesus in prayer, repentance and worship!  

 A vision of stepping through the Door 

We have cherished a prophetic vision in our heart that Prophet Mitt Jeffords posted many years ago, describing this event. He saw a wall of light speedily coming out of Heaven; and next, he stood in front of it with many others standing equal distance apart. Doors have opened on the wall, one before each person, but behind the doors was pitch darkness and most people were afraid to step and did not. He heard the Lord’s voice and begun to ran like a child. Beautiful angels came forth to dress him in his robe of light to prepare the Bride to meet the Bridegroom (received his robe of Righteousness, light body). When he stepped in through the door he saw brilliant glittering light walls pulsating and expanding, built  of innumerable angels, even millions, and the Lord Himself waited for him in the room in the fullness of His Glory.

An invitation to Open the Door 

Small Straws in a Soft Wind, daily prophetic message through Marsha Burns on  July 4th, 2016, 

In a vision I saw a door across the room.  It was shut, but there was such a bright light on the other side of the door that the cracks around the door framed it.  It was very inviting.  And, I heard the Lord say, “Open the door to bring light and life. Do not stay in the darkness of present circumstances. Allow My light to bring the next revelation and the wisdom that follows into your life in a more powerful way.”  Ephesians 5:13 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.    

We must explore the Light We must walk in the light and make the difference in the Earth. We must become vessels for the Light, illuminate the Light, that is our highest purpose, the way of the Kingdom. Everyone will get the opportunity to open the door. Will you?

Experience The LIGHT

Years ago, we have seen a huge light column zooming down from Heaven in physical reality, came with the speed of light to suddenly envelop us. It caused our heart to beat so incredibly fast that our first thought was, “I am going to die”. ‘The word ‘we’ refers here to the Lord and I, for He said never to speak in first person anymore for He is in me and we are One, and i very much prefer not to use the word ‘me’ and ‘I’ anyway because it represent the ego). We came out of the experience bewildered and unharmed.


We also had a dream years ago in which we saw a slightly open plainest door that we could purchase at building supply stores, and saw golden light simmering around it. Inside was pitch dark and fear kept us from stepping in at that time. Perhaps it was a rehearsal. Next time in church, the Lord lead the pastor of a 20,000 members congregation to come to the very last row (where crushed down being late) to hold our hand and say, “daughter, I did not give you the spirit of fear but of power, and love, and a sound mind”. He said that because we have just turned down a good opportunity in real life, an open door to enlarge out territory. Fear kept us from accepting the offer due to unseen solutions to some potential future problems. We must step in by faith, not by understanding! So do not fear what is coming! 


Do not worry about the NWO or anything; the Lord is SO MUCH greater. This righteous indignation – Day of the Lord – must pass to bring collective repentance, but eternal glory is coming right behind it! The New World Order will be the keeping of Universal Laws in the Kingdom of God! The highest law, the greatest force, the greatest level of energy is LOVE, thus, GOD IS LOVE. Please pray for everyone’s enlightenment and protection on the Earth! We Love you and Bless YOU all! 

The LIGHT on the END of the tunnel

Since we went through this level of enlightenment, we cannot stand looking at, much less reading about the bad news (NWO, FEMA camps, death and hell). Rapid change may lead us through some bumpy road to make the necessary shortcuts, but it will not happen the way it has said! Whatever hardship may come, it will be short lived until we can reorganize to live in the Light. The Earth lives under the curse for 200,000 years. Can we fight through the tunnel of darkness for another year to bask in the Light? The Lord said to us 11 years ago, “There is light for you on the end of the tunnel.” 12 is the number of completion. “Let there be Light!

The meaning of 12, which is considered a perfect number, is that it symbolizes God’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation.” It is so! The same promise are expended to you today, but it will not take 12 years for you to see the Light. You may see it now (rapture) or may be 12 months from now (or whenever the Shift might be). We have already traded the path to make the walk shorter for those who are coming after us. Easier? That is up to the entity alone. God is willing. It is a matter of perception, thus we have to develop the Mind of Christ! We can embrace fear and we can embrace love. It is a moment-to-moment choice of opportunity for a new beginning every moment. God never fears! God is Love. Love makes the way where there is no way. Love never fails. We do not care what NWO is doing if our reality is Love in the Kingdom of God. It is only matter of energy (time, effort, unity, organization) to disarm the cabal and  evil  government  completely.  Although  God is doing it, He is doing it through His willing servants. Will you be the One? Never criticize for that is negative energy, rather be the part of any group that is making a sincere effort to make a difference God’s way. No more men’s way, only God’s way and then everything is going to be all right.  HE IS THE LIGHT ON THE END OF THE TUNNEL WE NEED TO COME TO.    


We shall now begin our teaching MISSION, please check back for new posts and new developments in the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah!  

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