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Now comes joy, rest, and love in the Kingdom of God

Now comes joy, rest, and love in the Kingdom of God

We have received revelations about the coming judgment, which we partially presented through this blog. Now that release and liberation comes to us by the Spirit of God, all our whistle blowing alarmist activities have to be shot down. We even wondered sometimes if it was from the Spirit of God at all, and the answer is YES, and NO. Our motivation was to help and increase awareness. Warning and calling to repentance is from the Lord, speculating on possible dates and sequence of events is not quite, rather it stems from being cough up in seeking knowledge beyond it is given to us by God. Adam and Eve done that and we certainly refuse to follow their footsteps and quick to repent, now that we see our error in the light of God’s Word. We repent, because we know all well that only God knows the timing, He sets the dates and He may also change them, as it happened in the past season.

We see in part and prophesy in part, so as everyone else. We receive little bits and pieces of divine revelations, eager to share them to help inform others, and try to fit the pieces together to get the big picture. When we try to figure out things by gluing together divine revolutions with human understating, the result can become messy as if we have tried to glue together a delicate piece of antique porcelain globe with superglue. Such repair takes skills, yet it will never be the same. What skills we need to apply in case of divine revelation?

Because that picture is as fluent as life itself, we need spiritual discernment through seeking, fasting, and prayer. When the parts are rearranging themselves, our previous efforts seem to become a waste of time. Yet the result of it is increasing understanding and confidence in God’s love and care for all of us through active engagement, so our efforts were not in vain, only it is time for a change! There has never been a time that we could ‘figure out’ what God will do next, so wisdom says, we should focus on what matters the most.

What matters the Most? 

We have received a demand upon our lives to switch, enter the Kingdom through the Door (Jesus, Yahshua Ha Mashiach, the Ark of the Covenant) and remain there. No more looking back, not a drop of the world can come in. The new revelation is that the prophesied Paradigm shift is here.

We should not let our guards down concerning word events, because all the prophecies are yet to be fulfilled, but we need to gather under the banner of Lord Saboath’s mighty army. We, the servants and sons of God are arranging into the Joel 2 Army! The battle is raging between good and evil, Christ and Antichrist, and as soldiers in the Army of God we will bring reports from the battlefield, how we take territory and have the victory in Christ Jesus, instead of sitting on the sidelines and biting our fingernails what is about to happen, we run into the battle.

We have received many wonderful revelations about the coming kingdom, and it is time to share. Our vision and mission is related to Kingdom building, the revelations received in this ministry are about the Kingdom of God on earth. We, the sons of God, will establish its governmental structure, economy, society, community, and family life. Our call includes establish a Kingdom Hub with many peripheral ministries and businesses, a little city in the city that cannot be hid, built on the Rock of our Salvation. As duly appointed ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, we will report on Kingdom affairs from this day forward, all for the Glory of Almighty God!

What is the coming Rapture holds for us? 

For many years now, we are waiting for the Lord’s sudden appearance to unite with Holy Spirit for eternity (redemption). Personally, I have received two short sentences when I was crying out to the Lord about His coming. One in 2012 when I have asked the Lord in desperation hanging onto the end of His rope, “Lord! When are You coming!?” You would not guess what He answered. He only said, “I Am coming.” Then again, in 2014 I was crying rivers of tears in supplication, praying hard and bagging to the Lord to come. Then He answered and said, “I heard you.”

I waited for the fire of God to overtake and overwhelm me as He has promised through a prophecy, for the outpour of Holy Spirit, which is the second Pentecost (that is the former and latter rain in the first month). I waited for perfect Oneness, greater works anointing, limitlessness, healing, with is the fullness of Christ through receiving the seven spirits of God. I knew that the Lord will catch me away and I will be like Enoch who was no more, I also knew that this is only the beginning, and I have not tried to understand how the Lord would do all this, I just knew by faith that He will. I also knew that judgment is coming, and that the Lord will take the remnant Firstfruits before the day, and that we will rule he nations thereafter in accordance to the Word of God.

I was so full of anticipation, hope, and full of activities that I never thought of the rapture as an escape route until I created this blog, and heard so many saying it is. Many received dreams and visions of the rapture and are ready to check out. That half of the redeemed will remain in Heaven in spirit form, but the other half (to which group I belong) will come back to earth to bring heaven to earth here and now. I have received many dreams and visions about life in Holy Spirit in the fullness of time, here on earth. It is still not clear to me how will the Lord do what only He can do, but I know that He will anoint us, equip us, tour us in Heaven, and show us the future and the call. So please do not be wrapped up in the attitude of ‘getting out of here’, because that is wrong. The Lord will spear His Bride from the wrath to come, but He also wants to use us to be a blessing to others during the years of tribulation. Even those who will work with the angels in spirit form will be about the Father’s business on earth, during this harvest time. All of our kingdom ministries are about to begin. We walked through the shadow of the valley of death in the time of preparation for such a time as this and fear no evil

The Promises of God

(few select exerts to taste the season)

Below are segments of prophecies from various partner ministries, foretelling about the coming season. It is enough to see that we are entering the most exciting and blessed times of out existence, because those who enter the Kingdom now will no longer be subjected to earthly limitations and social norm.

  1. I will activate who I am on the inside of you. Rise up says the Father and know that transition is at hand and your destiny is being made manifest this very hour. (Father’s Heart Ministry, Russell Walden)

  2. There is angelic armament and agreement being activated in your situation says the Father. Put on your armor and begin to think and act like those who are going forth that will not break ranks or spear one another. The power of agreement is activating angelic armament and angelic strategies, to begin to war and pull down the strongholds of the enemy in your life and the lives of My people. The marching feet of angel warriors is all around you and now everything begins to change. (Father’s Heart Ministry, Russell Walden)

  3. This is a new time when I am gathering the people with the trumpet blast for the death knell against defeat and sorrow has gone forth and there is a new victory being experienced in the land by all those who are walking in obedience to My mandate in their lives. (Father’s Heart Ministry, Russell Walden)

  4. All who would stick and stay on the narrow pathway they will see and understand visions and revelations that will come to them in the night season. They will awaken with My will and My desire imprinted on the inside of them. (Daughters of Zion)

  5. Now when the Lord gives us a promise, we have a tendency to just sit and let the enemy take it away from us without a fight. Why? We should get upset and outraged! The difference between us and children though, is that we don’t just throw a fit, we get angry and can do something about it. You can fight for your promises and not let the enemy steal them from you! (Apostolic Movement International)

  6. Take the initiative through a desire to know Me more personally and intimately.  Explore the depths of spiritual truth and delight yourself in the light of revelation, says the Lord. (Small Straws in the Soft Wind)

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Join us in the work of Kingdom building.

Kingdom Force Advancement,

Sons of God

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