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News, November 2015

Few attention grabbers:

An article to dull the edge of the two-edged sword: TRUTH

SPLC Unhinged: Almost Everyone Is A “Conspiracy Theorist” 

They list ‘conspiracy theorist’ those who are TELLING THE TRUTH in a new “intelligence report”. We must stop calling truth ‘conspiracy theory’ and take the initiative to educate ourselves of the truth. The media will not tell us. It is so harmful to try to be smart and explain things away like this! Here is the best source for all information on the planet: Let us see what we learn about TRUTH, and the global media control.

Everybody wake up!  CIA Controls Mass Media, what you are exposed to is falsified and used to  support elite agenda. So how can you say that telling the truth about conspiracy is a theory? 


Is The Mainstream Media “Hogtied” About Reporting Adverse Vaccine Issues And Events?

Read More about vaccines here, go to pg 29-36.

CDC Scientist Admits Destroying Evidence Linking Vaccines To Autism


Days of Chaos – LA Marzulli (video)

Published on Oct 24, 2015

A discussion with LA Marzulli on current events and their incredible alignment with prophetic scriptures.

This show is designed to center you on the kingdom of God, to equip you with faith in Jesus Christ, and to unveil the truth behind the lies. This program is a production of BRIDE Ministries and you can find us at


Thrive movement (Official Movie)

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Thrive Movement in addressing key principles and strategies to inform the most leveraged solutions. Check out our new ThriveTogether initiative (­enrollment) to learn more.


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