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God Forgives You, but You Must Ask Him Now!

 God Forgives You, but You Must Ask Him Now!

Father’s Heart Ministry, by Russell Walden, September 19

Tomorrow might be too late. We are at the Door! 

The Father says today your errors, sins and shortcomings will not keep you out of My plans and purposes. Come to Me. Repent. Be forgiven. Be washed. I wash you this day. I cleanse you from every disqualification. The stroke that your foolishness calls for fell upon Me 2000 years ago. I took the blow that you might walk free. I was bruised for your iniquities. I was chastised for your rebellions. The curse that descended upon you lighted upon Me and I extinguished it’s power upon the cross and came out of the grave victorious. This is your portion says the Father. This is the benefit of Calvary that accrues to every soul that comes to Me in contrition and humility.
I know you don’t know how to fix things. You made a mess and you misrepresented your testimony in ways that contradict My word and My nature. Repent. Forgive yourself. Move on and allow Me to cleanse and purify you. Yes there are consequences but I took those upon Myself. I will shield and protect you. No more flinching or expecting to be a casualty of your own disobedience. Run into the high tower of My name and be saved. Allow others – even those who have hurt and offended you to be afforded the same cleansing and forgiveness. As you forgive those who have maligned and harmed you so I will cause you to be cleansed and likewise know in this life the full and unconditional pardon from the courts of heaven.

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