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Important Lessons Learned

Important Lessons Learned 

Lesson 1 well learned: We have learned an important lesson that is, we are encouraged from above to boldly question everything that we know and held sacred. Fundamental truth (solid rock foundation) will stand any fire while knowledge is ever expanding. 

Lesson 2 well learned: We have to be the Light of truth all the time without feeding on darkness (truth of darkness) by coming in agreement with negative reports, no matter how thick the darkness might be. We say that this lesson is part of our enlightenment process, a matter of greater understanding and higher perspective.

Many are feeding off on bad reports, many are focusing on extreme survival  techniques, New World Order, and assume the role of military convoys. Thus, they project (create) darkness into our future. We are not against reporting facts, but suggest careful examination of the attitudes associated with the facts, attitude such as judging things wrongly while believing and defending that points of view. The result of such activity is blocking the flow of Light. We can no longer be just observers and reporters of what is taking place, but partakers of the Light. It begins with loving our neighbors as self. “A reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” (Jonas Salk)  

How much more the reward will be when the Lord accepts our sacrifice for love. He will promote us to walk in greater responsibility for the Kingdom to distribute His abundance of Light, Love, goodness, and wealth through us. In these rapidly changing times we would find ourselves left behind if occupying standstill positions that will not serve anyone. No negativity (accepting or giving power to negative energies) can enter the Kingdom.

Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them. (Mark 7:15) Nothing impure will ever enter it (the Kingdom of God), nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. (Rev. 21:27)

We are not guilty of deceitfulness, only of lacking knowledge at the time (being ignorant: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular). At present, at lest half of the Earth population is ignorant about the path of Light. 

Where did the Light come from?

Lesson 3 well learned: Simply put, at first glance we have rejected all non-Christian efforts to turn the world into God’s Kingdom until we came to realize that nothing quite goes the way we thought, and we have the whole Universe to learn. Everyone who lives out of the heart has some truth to add  to ‘The Truth’ that will stand the tests of time. The church gave her heart to mammon through the prosperity gospel (apostasy) instead of ushering light into the world. She has been walking in the shadows for quite some time. Few Christians right with God, they are called the remnant, the Bride, the manchild company that the church pushed out of her body. The Lord called out the remnant of the churches to follow Him with a whole heart. They have established a new rule to become light. [Again, it is not too late to join us.] Collectively, the Church does not represent 51% light in the world. So, where did the Light came from? Lord Jesus has done a tremendous work to elevate the Earth’s positive energy starting out at 98% darkness. He never gave up on us and done an incredible job of exposing the darkness, raising consciousness, and knowledge. He had begun His teaching mission in the late 70’s to raise up Lightworkers.

We are in the process of writing relevant articles to reach out urgently to those who are one step away from entering the Kingdom through having personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is The Door. The time is truly upon us for everything to change, thus cannot make any promise how far we can reach before, or would know exactly how it will be after the rapture.

What did we learn to carry the Light into the future?

Lesson 4 and on and on well learned: We have explored ancient belief systems and deities, esoteric science, metaphysics, space science and technology. We have studied Earth history, hollow Earth and inner Earth people of higher dimensions, visited with Lightworkers – their messages, prayers, works, articles, discussion boards, networks -, Angels, Ascended Masters, beings of other galaxies, and various alien forms whom Earth people describe as ‘benevolent extra-terrestrials’. Some frequently used scientific terms and definitions came into alignment (such as – mixing everything without order – ascension, dimensions, energy vibration, frequency, light bodies, violet flame, various color vibrations; diamond light, golden light, emerald codes, twin flame, crystalline grid, astral plane, etheric plane, matrix, implants, aura, charka system, karma, DNA activation, Akashic records, Merkaba, disclosure, shift, ascension of Gaia, star gates, black holes, dark matter universe, physical and non-physical realities, holographic and parallel universes, photon belt, Nibiru, and much more). Some are pretty amazing knowledge that was new to us. We also see that some theories from expert scientists ignore every universal knowledge that is already released to humanity, which too is quite amazing.

Through this explosion of knowledge (illumination) we have gained much more understanding and wisdom, and discerned truth from error. We believe that we need to harvest truth from wherever truth is, to become One in our Kingdom building efforts. We aim to guide our Readers into the right direction to reach the Kingdom of God on time, not only by teaching, but also by working towards unity among all Kingdom Builders. A new way that is forming is not the traditional Christian way and not the New Age way, it is the way of the Kingdom of God. All humanity has to come to a place of higher knowledge to expand truth behind all that is known today about self, society, religion, science, and the Universe, in order to re-create a New Earth through Christ. Learning is part of our ascension process (enlightenment), and it is a process for each of us to awaken to Kingdom of God reality. This is the goal and purpose of the coming shift in order to elevate humanity to the level of the eternal Kingdom governed by the Universe in a well organized manner through countless beings (freewill servants of God).

How is the Shift going to be? 

The Shift entails of Earth people collective ascension into the Kingdom, which is a must to continue life on Earth into the Millennia. It will be preceded by four smaller (yet major change) shifts, one of which is the rapture. Ascension cannot come automatically to people, for it demands change in each of us. You are not behind and not too late, you are IN the process of ascending, if you have red this far. Much can happen to us without understanding or consciousness about this process. You may have some unusual experiences (seeing in the spirit, seeing portals, spirits, colored orbs, weight gain or loss, excessive sleep, and much more), just know that it is OK. Holy Spirit of God is doing it all, through innumerable servants of Jesus Christ, but ascension takes much work on our parts while receiving all the help from the Universe (Grace of God) that we need. If we are not changing, not advancing, not learning, and keep believing that something horrible is about to come, only then going the wrong way, and would eventually be removed from the planet after the major Shift will take place. We want to express the seriousness and urgency of taking this matter to heart. The coming shaking is to facilitate the needed change, even if has to come with casualties due to humanity’s indifference in a spiritually dead, worldly, darkened state. It could be avoided. This too is a far reaching subject to discuss in later posts. 

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