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How to prosper in the worse times

How to prosper in the worse times? 

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According to God’s timetable, September 2015 marks the Beginning of Judgment! When the Lord has removed His Hand of protection from the world by separating out His Kingdom, the world is entering the time of Darkness. In the same time, Sons of God are entering the time of Light, Kingdom Authority and Prosperity. It is our individual choice where we belong!
We believe that the most important preparation is in gaining Spiritual Perspective of our Present and Future, to develop the Mind of Christ, and through it all, gain acceptance into God’s Kingdom of Light. Salvation is a GIFT, you only need to receive it wholeheartedly, but after that we need to abide (remain continually) in Holy Spirit, in Christ, in the Kingdom of God. The time for mixture is over. Mixture means claiming to be saved but act, talk, and walk like the people of the world. We are living in the world, but should not be the part of it. The Father is separating His faithful followers unto Christ Jesus now. We only have few more days left to knock on the door to gain entrance before darkness settles in! We can still enter the Kingdom after the door shuts, but by going through the fire of the coming Great Tribulation.
Instead of living in fear and despair through this time of tribulation, we are destined to prosper in the Presence of the Lord, but for that, we may need to first redefine prosperity. “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” 3 John 1:2
Note that soul prosperity is immaterial, but here comes the secret to material wealth even in the worst times. It is Almighty God who adds all things to those whose soul prospers, to accomplish His will in the coming Kingdom of God on Earth, which is now at hand. From now on, it is all about Kingdom building through soul winning for those who chose to live in the Kingdom of God, serving the Lord with a whole heart. The Lord is on His way to judge the earth and to tear down the idols that many chose to cling to, instead of following Him. Mankind will never be able to return to the vanity, glamour, and pride of the world. This means man’s independence from God through self-sufficient living is now ending.
Heaven has unlimited resources to help the earth in times of great and grievous need that is fast approaching. GMO crops will fail us, and climate changes can make the earth desolate. The Lord will unleash material wealth through the faith of those who stand righteous before God, some of it even supernaturally. Kingdom manifestation is the demonstration of the power, goodness, and love of God that will draw countless souls into the Kingdom of God, just as in the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry. The darkness of the world will not turn into light, only people’s heart can be enlightened with the heavenly light to receive eternal life. Satan and his allies will receive their just punishment, which is a long process. Drawing people with the cords of love entails of meeting natural needs before we could meet the spiritual, showing the unconditional love of God. Therefore, we must recognize that the two realms are inseparable in cause and effect relationships; instead of living in denial because we do not understand it all! It never meant for us to understand how great God is, but we can and should follow His Word by faith, trusting Him for more when giving away all that we have to bless others! Giving is the key to receiving, and the key to prosperity. The more is given to us, the more is required from us. Once we stop pouring out the flow of blessing stops also.
Your life in the natural is the mirror of your spiritual altitude, your relationship with God, alignment with Heaven. Judgment will reveal it, when the grace period for repentance is expired before the Kingdom Door shuts. (We believe this to happen right after the Day of Atonement -Yom Kippur, day of repentance ended on September 23. There are many questions. We are facing the Lord’s visitation to prepare us for judgment, to gives us the opportunity to repent, then the rapture, and the hiding of the left behind church from Satan’s wrath during the tribulation. For certain, our lives will never be the same and prosperity needs to be viewed as part of the Lord’s redemption plan to save the church and human kind in the last days on earth.)
Without committing to spiritual prosperity that ensures our soul prosperity through intimate relationship with God, chances for survival in the coming days are slim (in the natural or temporal) to none (in the eternal)! When talking about natural disasters, financial collapse and the tyranny of the coming New World Order, knowingly or unknowingly we are embarking on these spiritual realities. Ignoring God’s ways or rejecting them, as the United States of America headed, leads down the slippery path that exposes hell beneath. Ignorance, indifference to God, and selfish living will no longer suffice. We will either witness Heaven or hell accordingly. What we sow is what we reap and it is now at the door literally. This is a Universal law.
In summary, the prophesied calamities on the horizon are as follows. The asteroid expected to hit the earth on 24 September 2015, followed by the tsunami and mega earthquake. This may trigger other horrific events by setting off the Madrid fault line, which would split the United States of America into two down on the middle. Earthquakes and nuclear explosions are prophesied in other parts of the nation, California, Illinois, and states on the northwest. We just begin to comprehend why the Lord said, life as we know it will be no more.

From this day forward the only one things that makes any sense is to seek God with a whole heart and cling to Him as close as possible. It will result in supernatural prosperity. The Lord needs those whom He can trust with the Harvest. Please be the one!

We will carry our prosperity (of soul, spirit and inheritance) into eternity, thus, every step we take now serves as foundation for the time of our millennial reign with King Jesus. (I have received many prophecies foretelling much wealth and prosperity in my life and ministry. Yet if the Lord has mercy on me and be willing to redeem me at the time of His coming, at any moment, all the promises will be fulfilled not in this life, but in the next.)

Much is written on Kingdom Government and Economy that awaits for publication. Due to the impending extreme urgency of events, we had to shift focus to the coming emergency. Please check back to find ‘Kingdom Living’ articles at a later time.   


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