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(Information taken from fragments of the different written documents by Efraín Rodríguez)

The people need to understand that the Lord showed me this trial taking place at night. For this reason, the death toll will be very high, as most of the people will be together with their families. The destruction will be immense throughout the island, coasts and also in the areas of mountains. As soon as the imminent impact of the asteroid is announced, everyone should move toward the mountains, the most secure area against the sea, except the Western area of the island-the only safe place will be the high areas of Lares and Ponce, as Las Marias and Maricao will fall under water.

In Exodus 7:11 it says that none of the plagues of Egypt touched the people of The Lord. The people need to ask the same from the Lord, so that God covers us with His protection when this happens, as He did with His other people-Israel, during the judgment over Egypt. We also need to ask The Lord to protect us in the same manner that He protected Lot and his family from certain destruction if they had stayed in Sodom. Come what may-an earthquake, a tsunami or whatever else-if we believe, everything may crumble or be flooded around us, but it will not come near thee. It is His Promise.

Do not run. Many, like the people living on the Western part of PR, will have no time to do so, unless they have been told in advance by the authorities and by The Holy Spirit Himself. The only thing we have to do is claim the miracles that God performed in Egypt, on that dark night that will come on PR and the world. We need to anoint our homes with oil, also our land and everything that we have, as soon as possible, because the oil symbolizes the Blood of Jesus.

On that night, the Angel of Death will not come into your homes because there will be a hedge of God’s protection, when he sees the oil in the doors (Similar to the blood of lambs that protected the Hebrews during the plague that killed the firstborn in Egypt). And above all, we must maintain harmony and peace in everything we dedicate to God, not allowing the old ties to enter our homes, the anger and all what we did before in the world, because God will be the Absolute Owner of everything we have anointed.

Remember that ACHAN (Joshua 7) kept the Babylonian robe, which, to our eyes, looks as something simple, but for God, it was anathema, sin and disobedience. We have to look at what kind of anathema we have in our homes and remove it as soon as possible, before that terrible night. Do this, says The Lord, if you want The Lord to honor the same that He did for the Israelites in Egypt. Anointing our houses and properties is not a guarantee that protection will cover our material belongings.

I remind you that the Lord only deals with people (souls). Many just want to protect their properties, more than their own souls and lives. But the Lord will first keep those who love Him sincerely, and then our properties. I remind you that the Lord wants to save people (souls) and deal with each soul based on their life of sin, or on their life of holiness before Him. It is the only guarantee for protection from the Lord during that trial, both for us and for the properties that He has given us.

We must be connected to Him 24 hours a day, like Enoch in the book of Genesis chap.5 verse 24. We all have to be afraid of losing our lives (souls), eternally without Christ. We must keep looking for the Lord, so we do not die without Him. Also read Leviticus Chapter 27. (Things Consecrated to God).

This will be very similar to King David, as God dealt with him personally when he sinned. PR isn’t the exception, as the same God of the universe will be here in person, walking the land, and will demand an account from anyone who has believed in our Lord Jesus Christ and then turned against Him.

We accept Him as the Father when we first convert and now He comes to discipline those who want and wish to straighten our crooked ways in front of the Lord. Thus says the Lord, “I will pass on that night throughout all the land of PR.” Men, women, children and animals of all kinds will die that night. It will be a “Woe” greater than the death of the first-born in all Egypt. This time, it will be over all PR and the American continent (Exodus 12 verse 12-Please read).

The dead will be so many that there will be no comparison with any other place. If the people take this as a joke, the death toll will surpass 750,000 people in the island (in PR alone), when the waters enter the land, according to what God has shown this prophet. All of this (the number of deaths) will depend on whether the Christian people believe in this message or not, as did the city of Nineveh, who believed God’s message as delivered by Jonah.

“The Lord, whom I represent as His servant and prophet, wants everyone to remember that, on that night, He will send multitudes of angels to move and relocate all the righteous, and even the ones who believe that He will send prior notice, and who have fear in their hearts.

Before going to bed, ask this of The Lord: “Please do unto me and my family as you did unto Lot, his wife and his daughters. Take us by the hand and bring us out of these plains. Send Your Angels to take us to a safe place.” The Lord is providing the solution to His people through His own Word, so that they may invoke it and claim it.

The Bible is full of examples of rulers and people who received notice of trial and humbled themselves before God, thus appeasing the anger of the Lord and securing His protection, as did the city of Nineveh, Nebuchadnezzar , Pharaoh by following Joseph’s advice, David, Abraham, and many others. God performed miracles through prophets who were in captivity in some of those places. Those peoples still worshipped idols, but they made laws recognizing the God of Israel in their countries. God prospered them because of His people. (Read Jonas ch. 3 verses 7-10).

Others humbled themselves before The Lord making intercession for His people, as Moses did several times, saving the people of Israel from total destruction from the judgment of God. Although God has said that this coming judgment is irrevocable, and that He will not turn back from executing it, we can still find mercy and protection within the trial, primarily for our souls, and secondarily for our lives and belongings.

We have to believe in the message, follow it and spread it, making a new Covenant with the Lord for our lives, seeking Holiness and binding ourselves to His service, seeking faithfulness and obedience to His word, with a bare, humble and completely sincere heart. The Lord does not seek “self-righteous” followers. He is looking for people with defects, but who have a sincere heart before Him, a heart that recognizes the need to have Him in our lives as Lord, for our salvation and protection. He wants people who want to establish a new relationship with Him and heal their hearts through His Blood.

The Lord sees the heart above all and understands that we are not perfect. He looks for hearts that want to love Him and serve Him, hearts willing to surrender to Him, with defects and whatever past they’ve had, not perfect people who believe they are holier than others. We are all lacking. We have all been found wanting. If our love and desire to serve Him is truly faithful, sincere, and not selfish, He adds what we lack before God. If it weren’t for Him, for His sacrifice at The Cross, Jehovah would have already passed judgment on us a long time ago. We would have received severe judgment, as it was with Israel or any other nation that violated the commands and will of the Lord.

But when Jehovah raises His arm to execute judgment, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Master, stands and says to the Father: “Abba, look at My hands, look at My feet, look at My side, look at My back, look at My forehead. I suffered all these wounds for them, so that they would have the opportunity to come to you, Father. Give them another chance. I died for them.” And the Father, for love of His Son and for His Son’s sake, stops His hand. What great love! What Amazing Grace! The Father loves whomever loves His Son. That is why we have to RUN to the arms of the Lord.

And for this reason, there is no salvation or protection against the judgment of Jehovah-here on earth or in the eternity – for those who reject The Son, despise Him and mock Him. If there is no repentance, there is no Salvation. If Jehovah had no mercy towards those unrepentant souls that mocked Him and challenged him, how much greater will His wrath be against those who trample on the Sacrifice of Blood of His own Son, despise and twist His Word and lead the flocks of His Son toward perdition!

Around you, some may be atheists, others may be spiritualists, others may be santeros, or Warlocks, others may be Satanic, others may bow to statues, others may be whatever they choose, but you should say, believe and live, with sincere heart, words similar to the words of Joshua in Joshua 24:15: “As for me and my house, we will serve the True God Jehovah of Hosts, and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Brethren, understand that we will only be protected from this if we are under the shelter of the God of the Universe. There is only Salvation, Protection and Security in Christ.”

Consult God alone, in all your decisions through Jesus, for whatever you ask The father in His name, He will give it to you. If you ask someone or something other than Jesus, you will lose your prayer and pleas. So says the Bible. Our God has been giving warnings through many prophets. The message of all is the same: a “Woe” approaches. There will be hunger, pestilence and mortality. We have to go back to the old path of Holiness and cling to the Lord Jesus Christ with all that we are and have.

It is wise to save food and provisions as Pharaoh did, following the advice of Joseph. However, it will be futile to be prepared with food, water and other provisions if we are not completely humbled and submitted to The Lord with heartfelt, repentant, humbled love before Christ, surrendering all our lives, trust and love in the safety of His arms.

Serve The Lord as Watchmen by spreading His message. Make a new personal covenant with Him. Warn others. Pray for them. Serve The Lord with sincere hearts and claim His Promise of Protection for you and your loved ones. There is only Salvation, Security and Protection in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will provide what we lack. May The Lord bless you and keep you under the shadow of His wings. Amen.


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