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ELS Findings 5


Combined Data

  • LIST ITEMS below are the combined results of several ELS findings on the same topics, presented in a simplified format (after cropped matrix and Bible verses).
  • Find original at: in file folders, titles by topics. These computer generated images are made available for free download by YouTube channel Kurt Juergens ELS Prophet. We thank him for the hard work of decoding this invaluable information. All who believe these findings are very blessed, should be preparing for the RAPTURE of the Bride! 
  • Summaries and interpretations by according to our own understanding of the available data. Please accept our apology for any possible error in our interpretation!
  • May SEARCH this site to find an image by title (i.e. wormwood, economic collapse, etc.) 


1.       Barack Covenant – R (R) repeat, shown in other group
2.       Daniel 9-27 – R  
3.       Covenant, Obama, UN, Israel – R  
4.       Barack, Moon, UN Tables  
5.       Obama TPP Signing  
6.       Martial Law  
7.       RFID Chip – R  
8.       Guillotines and gas Chambers – R  
9.       Hammond and Bundy case  
10.   Obama killed Scalia  
11.   War build up  
12.   Iran Gets Nuked  
13.   Nuke set offs in US


1 Barak Covenant - Copy

2 Daniel 9-27


3 Covenant, Obama, UN, Israel

4 Barak, Moon, UN, TPP

5 Barak Obama  TPP


6 Martial Law


7 RFID Chip

8 Guillotines and gas Chambers

9 Hammond and Bundy case


10 Obama killed Scalia

11 War build up


12 Iran Gets Nuked


13 Nuke set offs in US

  1. Biblical Prophecy Events
  2. Opening the Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets
  3. Earth Changes
  4. Economic Collapse
  5. THIS – Politics
  6. Rapture events
  7. Sheep and wolf prophets
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