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Anoint your house!


Prophet Efrain instructed us to anoint our homes and lands as a sign that we surrender all we are and all we have to our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no procedure or a specific oil for anointing your home. You do not need a pastor, priest, a bishop, a Pope, anyone in your church, a saint, or the Virgin Mary to bless your oil, or your home. Only The Holy Spirit can do that. We mean no disrespect to anyone, but it’s time to wake up and face the truth about the mistake of putting your faith and trust in people and things other than our Lord. This is between you and Jesus Christ, no one else.

It is a matter of the heart. The oil is an external sign of an internal commitment: that once again you are dedicating your life to serve, believe and please Christ, and that you are dedicating all your possessions and all that you are to Him. The oil itself has no power. Neither does anything else (candles, “holy” water, amulets, rosaries, rings, pictures etc). The Power comes ONLY from The Holy Spirit. And He can only protect you and your possessions if you and your home are completely surrendered to Christ ALONE.

The Lord does not share His Glory and He is a very jealous God. The Lord knows your heart. You cannot fool Him. It will do you no good to smear your whole house and possessions with oil if inside you, or inside your home, there is strife, unforgiveness, adultery, blasphemy, violence, envy, sexual sin, occult objects, pornography, idols, idolatry, or any disrespect for The Lord. Remember the story of Achan, in The Bible.

The oil itself is not a magical barrier against anything. Please understand this. The Lord is looking to save souls, first and foremost, not possessions. He wants your heart to be anointed first. The opposite is also true: just because your home is not anointed with oil does not mean you will not be protected, as long as your soul and heart are right with The Lord.

The oil is an outward sign of commitment, of a genuine internal dedication of yourself and your household to The Lord Jesus. Anointing your home has to be in agreement with anointing your heart. Otherwise, it is futile.

You can use pure olive oil (from the supermarket or health food store) and pray over it. You can read a passage from the Bible, such as Psalm 91, and then put oil around the frames of the doors, as the Hebrews did in Egypt. The Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Christ covering your life and home. But, again, the actual anointing has to be the one in your heart. You must see to that FIRST.

Claim the promises and precedents of protection found in the Bible, for those who love the Lord.
The Lord promised Abraham that the righteous and the wicked would not die together. The same promise applies to us if we bind our souls, conduct and heart to our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

(Note:This post is not meant to disrespect anyone. It is most definitely not an invitation to a discussion between brothers and sisters of different faiths to start arguing with each other. This is not the time for that. It is simply a clarification and a wake up call to ALL of us, so that we understand that ONLY our Lord JESUS has the Power to protect us, and we can ask Him to do so directly, not through anyone, or anything else. Everyone needs to understand this-Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants, etc, as well as people from any other faith. This is what the message of this prophecy is all about: coming to The Lord Jesus as our ONLY means of Salvation and Protection).

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