A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

Announcing the Shift

Dear Readers, Visitors and Friends (you all are friends if so willing),

I love you all so much and am eternally thankful that you visited my site. You are part of God’s awesome creation, therefore, I want you to know and settle this issue about yourself once and for all that you are awesome! If you have a hard time believing it at the moment you have been deceived (as we all go through this one time or another while seeking truth and value). I want to spend my life away to prove it and share life together thereafter with all of you, right now through this blog but there are so many ways. We are going to get this lying evil spirit out of our lives once and for all, for you are wonderful, we are wonderful and all that God ever created is wonderful. It is by free will that one becomes evil through regression, which is what Satan tries to induce through his deceiving ways. Some refuse to advance and chose darkness over light, others have no clue, whole many chose life and light. The choice is ours.

Understand that inner light cannot be taken away or extinguished by any powers of darkness, therefore we do not have to chose the path of destruction but of love, peace and a sound mind. The more of us chose good over evil the better it becomes, the increased amount of energy causes a sphere where darkness seize to exist. This is a simple equation of the sum of our combined energy, or as we call it today, collective consciousness, or love. We have so much hope, so much goodness and resources at our disposal that it is indeed limitless and it is available to us right now through faith, made possible by the limitless outpouring of light of increased levels of universal energy. Our local universe has entered this epoch of galactic events making ascension to higher level of energy frequencies possible for us. Think about it this way: if you chose to walk in love it will not be so difficult for you as it used to be, because you have your unlimited supply of energy to do so, coming from God.

We all are traveling on the path of life and today we ran into each other at this junction, praise the Lord for that.  You might be stocked at different stations in your life journey not seeing the way out, we are possibly on different levels also, but this by no means indicate higher or lower in worth or potentiality, only in level of energy input and output of self, that is higher or lower self, our reflection of light. A we share information we share light and life, enlightening one another and thus coming to higher in level of energy, pulling each other higher and higher, which is the true path of redemption, coming out of the old and shift into the brand new life.

I have been waiting for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God for many years in preparation. for I understood that the manifestation can only come through us. Devoting myself to this blog this summer I came to realize that the Kingdom manifestation will not come as I perceived it, because there is so much more to it. I suddenly was confronted seeing that it will come through many catastrophes, violent change, and possible terror through coming natural disasters (at the time I thought), asteroid impact, earthquakes, tsunami, pole shift, and more, which prompted me to drop everything I was doing to share this information and release some warning signals to those who are unaware. In my direct environment that included everybody.

As I deg deeper and deeper I rediscovered Illuminati’s NWO agenda, which I knew about for decades, settled the issue within, forgot about it, and focused on my calling and purpose in the Lord.  Diving into it again I created these pages to share my findings, until I came across such a vast amount of information that is impossible to even mention, much less to post for value.

Working myself through it the Lord opened a new worldview before me, an extended version of the Kingdom of God, now with understanding how we fit into the universal scam of events, groups, agendas and works towards solution. I have so much to share that I feel this is yet not even an iota of what really matters.

To make it clear, all that I so far published, all the coming events are possibilities and we need to know about them because ignorance can only breath darkness, but my spirit was seeking for solution unwilling to settle for destruction and death. We have eternal life, rather you believe it or not, you too have, and it is for good and not for evil, for light and not for darkness, for life and not for death. So we must find the path of life, light and goodness and walk in it, and not waiting to see what’s coming next, how the tyranny of evil will bring us suffering and death. It is now that we can change all things around but our walking in truth, and make the Kingdom of God reality on earth as it is in Heaven now.

So we are going to have to change our ways, we must take our eyes off of evil ant fix on the goal we are to birth into existence by choosing to live it out. The shift is necessary because there is a barrier, a next level, a next dimension, which will become impenetrable after the total separation has taken place. We must reach the point of no return willingly. To be willing to actively partake in this awesome journey is our purpose, Through my searching and finding in the past months I reached this point and made my choice. I have acquired a brand new life in a new plain, and the scripture came vividly alive:

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,  I will fear no evil, for you (Jesus) are with me; your rod (power, creating order) and your staff (your justice, authority over evil), they comfort me.  Psalms 23:4 (emphasis added)

Are you coming with me? If so, this is the immediate plan: I make an easy to navigate site map for this section of the blog, If there will be new postings, I will cause it to show on the top, so we could use this blog to dissimilate necessary information from the world, but truly we should not keep our eye on that at all. Scripture is so clear on that calling us to resist evil, and do not be overtaken by evil but overcome evil with good. This is what we do, starting another blog/website that is only for light, elevation, Kingdom, walking on the part of righteousness. Let me add that once in my walk I cried out to the Lord dealing with guilt, “Lord! I am not your righteousness!” In other words it meant Lord, I am nor worthy of you. He answered, “Faith is righteousness!” this is also int he word of God I just did not remembered it, and it is liberating knowledge. We do not have to strive to be right with God, only to live by faith and let HIm be God in our life. He will change ius into His image, for the company you keep the company you become.


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