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1. Biblical Prophecy Events       

2. Opening the Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets       

3. Earth Changes     

4. Economic Collapse       

5. Politics      

6. Rapture events       

7. Sheep and wolf prophets

Our Note:  We and many others made much effort to predict the closest date of the Lord’s coming, based on current day and biblical prophecies, revelations, signs, and ELS codes. Any anticipated date was a suggestion according to our own understanding, but of course we know the Lord said that no man knows the day or the hour, but Scripture also says, God does not do anythings without telling His prophets. The Lord has spoken, He is coming very soon! He gives many clues and keys to understand His next move and expects us to collaborate with Him as opposed to sit and wait passively. Even our mistakes are blessed if keeps the Bride searching, watching, waiting, praying, repenting, and anticipating. The Lord knows how to keep our faith alive, even through disappointment and hardship. While many anticipated dates came and are gone, the only thing we must not loose focus of is the fact that THE LORD IS COMING VERY SOON. Be expectant! 

It is important to mention that Bible Code Detective Michael is in agreement with Kurt for dates, concerning the May Passover 2016 rapture. (for more info, see #3) Even if the particular day has passed and the world did not yet come to an end, please do not let this become a stumbling block in your walk with the Lord! It does not change the fact that HE IS COMING, it only tells us that great urgency is building up! 

There is so much more we yet to come to understand. As we keep advancing in the knowledge and understanding of the preparatory work that the Lord had done for this once in an earth history event – the Day of the Lord, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to take home His own in safety -,  it is over and above any human expression in magnitude and in terms of overcoming difficulties, for which we all must be filled with utmost gratitude and joyful praise! We serve a Mighty Awesome God! He grows greater and greater in our eyes each day, as He has opened them to see more of Him! Glory be to God forever and ever! The Lord said in one of the earlier prophecies, He had been preparing for this event for 6,000 years and He is in control of all things, in any event. 

Secondly, would an all wise all knowing God give us the clues that would able us humans to project His coming with accuracy, when the dark forces are preparing for this event with all their might for evil? God will not loose this battle, but as the WISEST Commander of Chief of the Hots of Heaven, our Lord Saboath has a greater strategy then even Satan could figure it out!  Now we know that the Lord is our KEEPER and DELIVERER, for without His Divine protection, guidance, and grace empowerment Satan and his alleys would eat all of us up alive. Truly, apart from God we are NOTHING. 

Please review these codes accordingly, and receive them prayerfully. Do not focus on times rather seasons, not on the events rather on the preparation for the events, which is the coming RAPTURE, the caught away, also called the GATHERING. It will surely come and we are thankful for every day that we still have on Earth, to reach out to others before its too late! Be blessed by it, be liberated and at peace, ready to leave this world even if that means being lifted into an other reality, the eternal Kingdom of God, while in the world but not part of it. ARE YOU READY, REALLY READY? Have some plan for the future? 

The Lord’s primary objective is to manifest the Kingdom of God through His Bride that will cause the Earth population to come to Him, cause the fallen away sleeping believers to return to Him. (CONFIRMATION! #4) He is gathering in the great soul harvest, of which all the Bridal Company will be the part. Some in Heaven, some on Earth and some as intermediary (messengers, miracle workers), but we will all do the will of God. He has tailored a unique plan for each of us individually, that will bring the victory collectively (Joel 2 Army), and it will be revealed to us in details after the caught away. Dearest ones, think of the rapture as your greatest privilege to serve the Lord at your best capacity. As to our understanding those who remain on earth will be visited by the Lord, changed in body, empowered, and have their physical limitations fall away, but will remain on earth. (The author of this blog belongs to this group and thus, this is what we well understand, planing and preparing for it. We have little ambition towards the rapture into Heaven, and have many questions. We all should find in our hearts who we are in Christ, even if do not know our specific role yet. If you do not know, we suggest that you would spend time in the presence of the Lord patiently, meditating, reading, praying, and waiting for enlightenment.)   

Again some predicted dates has passed without fulfilling our anticipation for the day, but did not change our anticipation for the Lord’s coming. Years have passed that we have been waited for the Lord with childlike faith without understanding, hanging unto few prophetic words, and we thank God for every bit of information, tribulation, and revelation that enabled us to stand firm in these days of adversity. Now is truly the season, because this time the Lord says it.

We ask those who have the heart to pray for others, please pray for our families to accept the message of redemption until there is time. See, we wait and are ready, but others still need more time to get ready. Yet time is almost up, any day, any moment, and we still believe that the Lord is coming in May, this year of 2016. Amen

God bless you, thank you for visiting with us, and we pray for you and your loved one’s redemption.  

Here are the categories again:

  1. Biblical Prophecy Events

  2. Opening the Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets

  3. Earth Changes

  4. Economic Collapse

  5. Politics

  6. Rapture events

  7. Sheep and wolf prophets


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