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About ELS codes

About ELS codes:

1. General info

2. Kurt Juergens‘ Bible Code Program 

3. Bible Code Detective, Micheal Ybic

4. Lessons by  codesearcher dotnet 


1. General info

“The Bible code is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew (Sons of God blog: in this case English) text of the Torah (Sons of God blog: in this case entire Bible). This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. … Modern computers have been used to search for similar patterns and more complex variants, as well as quantifying its statistical likelihood.

Equidistant Letter Sequence method: the primary method by which purportedly meaningful messages have been extracted is the Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS).”(Wikipedia, shortened article)

Sons of God blog: simply put, the computer program forms a matrix from scripture verses based on the search criteria (see below), then displays results by highlighting the letters that make up the specific search word. It repeats process for other search words, highlighting them each in different colors. Words may appear horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Words that are crossing each other often indicate correlation concerning the message.

Example (top and bottom bar added for illustration):


Search often results in multiple matches. We consider this method accurate based on probability calculations (see some calculations in #3 findings). It is amazing how much information is stored up in the Bible text. The codes cannot possibly be randomly hidden in the text, but it is done by intelligent design. It speaks for God’s incomprehensible abilities. Only Almighty God has the wisdom to create a coded text to foretell future events with precision. Praise His Holy Name!

Decoder has to make multiple searches to get sound answers. We have gained confidence in the program by running a test, and hope it helps our Readers as well. We made an online inquiry to a freely available Bible Core program concerning a public figure, desiring to know if he or his agenda was for good or evil. We have received the following answers:

  1. XY (his full name is coded in the Bible text) is evil
  2. XY is good
  3. XY is not evil
  4. XY is not good
  5. XY is neither good, nor evil
  6. XY is in error

Obviously, we kept searching the program for the words above, until we got a satisfactory sound, non bios answer. Should we stop after the fist question asked, it would not be a true answer, instead, our unfounded suspicion would be reinforced: XY is evil. However, these results clearly communicate that the person’s intentions are good, but error is involved in his otherwise positive message. We found this fascinating, because it proved our discernment that something is wrong with the person’s message, but his intention is for the best of humanity. We could just ask first if he is in error, but it did not occur to us until we got opposing answers. Likewise, we have received many other answers concerning this and other topics, giving us sound understanding. When we ask irrelevant questions the message ‘0 matches’ appears. Searching for more and longer words are also increasing accuracy. Yet admittedly, we are not experts in using the program, rather we ran these tests to gain confidence in it’s use, and for some curiosity.

2. Kurt Juergens’ Bible Code Program 

We believe Kurt uses program to generate his findings, which are summarized on this site.

3. Bible Code Detective, Micheal Ybic

Michael Ybic Bible Code Detective uses another code program:

His website is easy to view for the results, there is no need for us to post it on this site. Michael made an interesting comment, quote:

“Remember, dates are being manipulated by the LHC at CERN, and they are to be taken with caution……….Michael”

This might be a true explanation for delays and missed dates that are foretold in the codes, we do not know. Importantly, Michael’s findings are in agreement with Kurt’s for rapture date in May 2016 Passover. The Lord recently released a message through a dream given to Rhonda Empson saying, we should forget about dates and calendars, and look at the weather (skies) instead. The Lord has foretold the coming of Wormwood through many messengers and the codes that, He said, every eye will see. 

4. Lessons by  codesearcher dotnet 

This person is harshly attacking the integrity of Kurt’s message and person, saying he is the expert and he opposes the May 2016 rapture date: Quote:  

“trish you will find very soon kurt is a fraud… he is not qualified and has ONLY been involved in codes since the summer. before that he was doing videos on others tables, he does not know anything about codes or how they work. make my words what hes finding can be found in a phone book. the rapture WILL NOT Happen in may. period. ive studied codes and have over 5000 tables. im telling you the gospel truth, kurt is a fake. period”

His videos do not attest to his claims about the codes: The first 5 mins, and i Guarantee this video Blows you away. and The Rapture verdict. or the book? (please search for this title, published May 12, 2016). Watching his lengthy second video he did not show one code, the first was irrelevant to the rapture.  

We needed to bring this to your attention to prevent confusion. There are other Bible Code researchers, but this is enough information for us. We believe that Kurt an Michael are right, the rapture is at the door, very soon, just be ready, regardless of the date! God bless you! 

We hope that this introduction blesses you.

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