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1. Hackers recent ‘make your own news’ activity: THIS IS FALSE

NASA leaked


This is TRUE:

NASA original website


2. Article concerning the SEPTEMBER 15-28 date from original NASA website. 

NASA 1-4

NASA 2-4

NASA 3-4

NASA 4-4  x

3. Why not create your own deflection app for hypothetical asteroid 2015 PDC?

<< stands for?  2015 Public Deception [PDC]  >> (just kidding)

create your own NASA 1


Quite incredible activity site! It remind me of elementary school educational fun game. create your own NASA


Conclusion: I do not believe a word they are saying (it is executive order to hold this information from the public since President Reagan), but in this NASA might be right! NOT AN ASTEROID. Not yet at least. If not an asteroid than what else? We are in quest for answers. 


  1. A sugar coated NASA (NOT FEMA!) WARNING to prepare. Why not? 

NASA News Releases Extreme Weather Warning Sept 28 2015

Published on May 25, 2015; by  International Tvnews

The governments throughout the world would be aware of these predictions; 'The final 500-day countdown warning was given on May , 2014, by the Foreign Minister of France accompanied by the Secretary of State John Kerry. 
One of the reasons for the worldwide extremes in weather conditions. Checkout online, "NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths And Super Earthquakes Beginning 2015 Due To Extreme Cold for a 30 Year Period (see below!)

Be prepared! SALVATION must be the first and the last, above everything in between! The Lord is on His way! 

2. NASA’s weather forecast is not looking too good

NASA Predicts Ice Age, Food Riots, Mass Deaths And Super Earthquakes

Published on Nov 20, 2014; by Tom Lupshu

The coming of another Ice Age is an event serious scientists have never been able to predict from observable Earth phenomena. Contrary to the conventional wisdom of the day, the real danger facing humanity is not global warming, but more likely the coming of a new Ice Age. What we live in now is known as an interglacial, a relatively brief period between long ice ages. Unfortunately for us, most interglacial periods last only about ten thousand years, and that is how long it has been since the last Ice Age ended. 
How much longer do we have before the ice begins to spread across the Earth’s surface? Less than a hundred years or several hundred? We simply don’t know. Even if all the temperature increase over the last century is attributable to human activities, the rise has been relatively modest one of a little over one degree Fahrenheit an increase well within natural variations over the last few thousand years. While an enduring temperature rise of the same size over the next century would cause humanity to make some changes, it would undoubtedly be within our ability to adapt. 
Entering a new ice age, however, would be catastrophic for the continuation of modern civilization.
Stay At The Ready...
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Extreme Cold 30 Yr Period

3. The ‘Sunny Side Up’ NASA

2015 – NASA’S Employeee Explaining METEOR that will HIT EARTH (Update – Proof)

Published on Sep 10, 2015; by State Secrets State Secrets
BREAKING NEWS! Share... Share... this video must be shared with max number of people! make your part now, please share it! Because the Government Cover-up!
Important: Before JUDGE, watch the whole video.

Watch too video: "Confirmed September 2015 Asteroid TSUNAMI EVENT FOR USA (will hit Puerto Rico - THE RUPTURE)" at



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