A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

It will come SUDDENLY!

It will Come Suddenly!

Bad news bombards us daily so much that many times we became immune or numb to it, wouldn’t you agree? Having to deal with our personal ’emergencies’ (making decision or worrying about finances, business deals, family responsibilities, jobs or lack of it, difficult people, and lack of time for recreation), by the end of the day most of us say, I just had enough! During my counseling sessions I always concluded that I would not want to go to my client or neighbour to exchange troubles, I rather just deal with my own.

Personally, I try to focus on the Good News. After I have received my vision from the Lord, a heavenly action plan, I wrote a book about the coming Kingdom of God and eagerly waited for the appointed time to come, for the manifestation of His Kingdom on earth. The Lord was preparing me for years, part of which is returning to the Father with a whole heart by way of repentance, which then became my message to the churches. With my consent, the Lord could use my circumstances to humble me, transform me and teach me. After He called me out of the world I ministered to others in this area. Now that the appointed time is near for the manifestation, I kept asking in prayer, “Lord! What is my message?” Like I said I spread the message of repentance, but in this time of rapid changes, I needed His guidance how to go by it. I wanted to receive a power word that would identify my message with me before the public. Here is what I got:

“Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.” Rev. 12:12

The Lord stirred up my spirit and now I was willing not only to listen, but also hear. I threw myself into this subject entirely, receiving afresh the revelations of His coming judgment and watching videos for countless hours to get the big picture. (This is after I wrote a book about the coming Kingdom manifestation, beginning with and at the time of the judgment of the church). Thus the Lord could lead me to understand that

  1. the news about the asteroid soon hitting the earth is real
  2. the government cover up and military preparation is real
  3. the ‘elite’ is leaving the country is real and serves as proof, and that
  4. His Judgment is coming now!
  5. He is coming to take the Bride

I already knew about ALL these, visited many sites daily and watched many videos and said, “I believe”, but continued working around my busy schedule until finally the message became the part of me! It took a whole month to settle it in my spirit as current day reality! You beloved of the Lord, might not have a month because it can happen any time, but even if you do have, yet click away saying, “This is nothing new, I have heard this before” instead of taking your time to investigate and meditate over what you hear and see, may the devastation come upon you as a surprise, SUDDENLY, God forbid! 

Judgment begins int he house of God. The gates of hell has already opened and Satan know he has a short time left. The time of tribulation is upon us, and those who refuse to hear and repent will be thrown into the midst of these devastating events. The Lord begins to purify the earth, shaking everything that can be shaken and taking away the idols to get our attention. None of us will escape the tribulation but we can escape judgment by entering the Kingdom !

The Lord told me in 2007 “suddenly” that I have associated with His sudden visitation. I was right indeed, I just could not comprehend what that entails of! The Lord is coming when the Kingdom of God is coming, and then simultaneously and suddenly, judgment begins. It is the Day of the Lord, just one day will set off the coming events like a chain reaction. Now is the time that Father God is separating His own children unto Christ Jesus!  Once He finished, the time for His Suddenly has come!  I hate to have to tell you this, but the devastation will be horrific and it will touch every lives. This is just the beginning of sorrow. We live in the last days and no one is exempt of the system of the coming tyranny of the evil one. The Lord will protect His own but the rest of the believers and the world has to face it until the Lord’s return. That is if we make it that far and be taken in the rapture. The Lord may not come as I thought, but He is surely coming! Like I said, we are so bombarded with evil that we have no time to be  it all! Here, you will find all needed information to understand the times and season we live in, compiled for you for easy access.

Please listen, hear, and obey the Voice of God! Repent, Pray and Prepare and I pray that the Spirit for the Lord would grab hold of your mind of understanding to be revelation knowledge unto your spirit to align with Heaven! This is my message for now, for I had to become THE MESSAGE until this indignation passes. First I wanted to make this message ‘politically correct’ to please everybody and post information only, apart from revealing my faith. I could get one person to visit my blog. Now that I make clear that this is from the Lord, He can bless my efforts. Believe! We Can Win This War Against Satan!


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