A Portal to help receive YOUR BREAKTHROUGH when Heaven and Hell invades the Earth

How are we going to respond in times of distress?

How are we going to respond in times of distress when, according to predictions…

  1. our dreams are shattered,
  2. our dignity is taken,
  3. our identity is diminished,
  4. our survival is endangered,
  5. our future is dead,
  6. our comforts are replaced with longsuffering
  7. our wealth turned to poverty and hunger
  8. our loved ones are brutally separated from us,
  9. and all that we hold dear in our heart is gone…

what then? What are we going to do?

Does it have to be like it or is there hope?

In Christ, our dream are not shattered, we just began to dream bigger.  Neither can our dignity be taken, we know who we are in Him. Even if we are mistreated and abused suffering for Christ’s sake brings us glory; great is our reward. Instead of dead end future, we have eternal future to look forward to, abundant life that never ends. Our discomforts are temporal. While looking into the future with full of anticipation, we can endure to the end.  God’s grace is sufficient for us. Our wealth is not of this world, we carry within the pearl of a great price that worth more that the whole world could offer.


Out Father is our provider, if needed supernaturally, but we know no hunger. We pray for our loved ones and trust in the Lord that we will be reunited in Heaven. All that we hold dear in our heart will remain forever, for the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us. We carry the Holy Spirit of God, the one and only we ever need in all circumstances and situations. In Him we became new creations, all things has passed away, all things become new and they remain. Yes, there is HOPE: it is Christ, our Hope of Glory!

The day will come that our confession will mean life and death, and what we lack to understand will lead us into captivity and death.  According to our faith we are going to respond! One thing we must understand very clearly no matter how glorious or gloomy the day may look like and that is…

Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives! He is coming for the Bride very soon!  

We have faith and hope that life on Earth will not be shaken to utter despair before His coming for the Bride. Scripture clearly states that Father God will protect (hide) and provide for HIs children during the 3.5 years of tribulation until His coming. The Lord has planned out every detail ahead, His Arm in not too short to save. Once that terrible day passes, we will be able to continue to live united in love, even in the face of increasing persecution of all Christians.

We will also be shaken from materialism, hurdle, greed, or collecting dust on unwanted items, just to realize that living a simple life is much better. Mediocrity and lukewarmness will give way to the fire of God! Life will enter us in a new way. Abundant life, full of joy and energy in the presence of the Lord. We will help one another, support each other’s businesses without prejudice or competitiveness, give freely and help the needy with a heart of true compassion.

We know from experience through walking with the Lord for many years that all His promises are Yes and Amen, He is Faithful and True. He is Truth! He is the Hope of Glory on the inside of us. We will live in His presence, honoring Him in worship and prayer, always inviting Him to abide in our midst, always remembering His presence. The structure of the church, the religious-city (religiosity) will be replaced with family gatherings whereas we all are equal and the leaders will lay down their lives for the sheep.

Our focus is on helping each other to make it through. Our hearts is reaching out for the lost to make it into the Kingdom.  Our lives will be very different from what we lived up until the day, and it will be noble, holy and good, but do not expect to return to the old ever again. His coming is few short years away, according to Scriptures. Until than blessed are those that come in the Name of the Lord. Be encouraged and teach your children to know God! Prepare for the change, pray for grace and mercy, pray for your loved ones, community and nation. This is the only response the Lord is expecting and accepting from us! Praise HIs Holy Name! 


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