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The Coming Paradigm Shift

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Setting the world right-side up

Only few people are aware of the fact that we are at the dawn of the Kingdom Era. Today’s generations will bring Heaven to Earth here and now, for the appointed time has come. Separation is now taking place between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the truth is that suddenly the collision of the two is going to get disastrous. In order to enjoy God’s divine protection, everyone must make a decision to live in Kingdom of God reality. In the past, He has been delivering us from many impending calamities and accidents without our knowledge, acknowledgement, or thanksgiving, for we do not know about what has never happened to us. Personally, I would never run out of testimonies telling about the goodness of God towards my family and me, after I became conscious of the presence of the Lord. Looking back, I now recognize His many blessings and great protection in times past, when I did not yet believe and talked against God heftily and ignorantly. Soon, we have to either face the fact that the grace period that protected us from trouble is over or reap what we sown.

Once upon a time, I received a 30 day grace period from an insurance company that cancelled my car insurance policy when their computer alerted that I was not a citizen, which was in their exclusion clause for acceptance. If I had an accident during that time, my car would have been covered and loss paid, even though I did not pay the premium. Grace means just that, we receive benefits we do not deserve. Many other companies refused to insure me for the same reason. Besides, it happened around busy Christmas season, the children were out of school, and the family had just moved from another state. I had all the excuses (self-justified and non-compliant) why I missed obtaining a new policy within the given time period. But, when I had a small accident on the 31st day I ended up in jail for driving without insurance. Suddenly judgment came upon me without mercy; for nobody considered that, my grace period just ended a few hours ago. We are at the exact same place today concerning God’s mercy running out, just as in the time of Noah. God has been good to everyone, even to those who curse His Holy Name. He has been trying to get our attention to get right with Him.

We do not want to know how life looks when Mercy runs out! We must return to the Lord with a whole heart speedily, asking for forgiveness and acceptance into the Kingdom of God. Many who have not yet found the way to the Father believe that they have nothing to repent of, yet we all fall short on the glory of God daily. We need to understand that God is not at all concerned about what we have done in the past. He already knows; He was there when it happened. However, He is very much concerned that we would ask Him to accept us into His Kingdom. He will not force Himself on us, yet we cannot enter His Kingdom without His permission. He is such a merciful God that all we need to do is acknowledge that He exists, ask for His forgiveness, and be willing to adjust to the family of God. The goodness of God will change us and bring us to repentance; it is God’s work in us. Sadly, the other side of the story is that the judgment of God may not bring us to repentance due to our resentment, anger, fear and other negative emotions, and the mind’s inability to shift to goodness in times of disaster. Once the Lord showed me how people cried out to Him in times of need and had fear of death and catastrophe, but when He answered their prayers and things went back to peace and safety, not one of them gave thanks to God or ever would remember that He exists. When Jesus cleansed ten lepers at the time He walked on Earth, only one turned to thank Him, while those who professed to be God knowing just walked away.

We are about to experience great challenges and life will present confrontations that will further confuse the multitudes and will drive many to fear and hopelessness. Many people will not have a chance to ask for forgiveness and acceptance when suddenly calamity strikes, therefore they will plunge into total spiritual darkness instead. It is happening already. One of many brief examples: Quote: ‘The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was among the deadliest natural disasters in human history with at least 230,000 people killed or missing in 14 countries bordering the Indian Ocean. (Wikipedia) Therefore, having Divine understanding (Godly perspective) is vitally important in order to overcome. We will need every drop of faith when life as the world knows it will rapidly come to an inglorious end. For the sons of God this will be the beginning of glory. Almighty God will manifest His Kingdom power on Earth, and His favor and blessings will be upon His chosen. By the end of the Great Tribulation, there will be no more religion, only truth, courage, love, and compassion will remain among the survivors.

Many of you might be in denial of the fact that Almighty God is the Sovereign ruler of the Universe. Beware, for unbelief is the work of the spirit of Antichrist in men’s heart and mind. Satan’s only goal is to cause humankind to fall away from God. This is a time of great awakening. The Kingdom of God reality has to start with the mind’s acceptance! Transitioning into the Kingdom of God is a spiritual transition that requires shifting our mind’s understanding. Due to the Paradigm Shift that is soon taking place in the world, it has to be a tremendous shift for many. The definition of “paradigm shift” – a time when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely (British English Dictionary). God says that NOTHING will remain the same!

No one can get away with being indifferent, opinionated, judgmental, complacent, comfortable, or uninterested concerning the works and word of God anymore. Our very lives depend on our understanding and our consequent actions, because nothing can enter the Kingdom that defiles. The way of the Kingdom is unity, unconditional love, respect for, and mutual acceptance of God and one another. A stubborn mind that refuses to shift is called a ‘reprobate mind’, meaning ‘good for nothing’. Can our mind cause us to perish? Yes, if we receive the deception of the world that is individualism (separation from God and each other), and superiority (putting self above others). A good friend of mine used to say, “There are 6 billion people on the planet and you want to be alone? Go to another planet!” Thank God, He made enough room for us to be alone at times, but if you think of it, there is truth and wisdom in his words. What is it you want? Whom do you love? How would you live your life for eternity if you would have a choice? Well, there is one. Either we live in love in the presence of the Lord or … we hate this subject but truly, hell is very real, THE WAY TO INDEPENDENCE. So many insist to live independent from God, but His Holy Spirit completes us by His creative design. Existence without God’s Spirit is called the ‘second death’, which is agonizing and burning experience of the soul desiring God’s Spirit. We all are eternal beings, regardless if you believe it or not. God says, those who insist to live without Him will soon get what they wanted. It is a matter of free will people, so no one should blame God for perishing! He is willing to accept anyone into His Kingdom; but you have to make a decision to choose Him! Shift your mind! The mind is always tremendously limited in comprehending God’s greatness, therefore easily becomes enmity to God.

Open your heart now not just your mind. Pride will prevent one from humbling self before God, while self-righteousness will see to it that our own opinions are right against God’s. Both are a matter of the heart, therefore, causing the heart to be hardened to glorify self instead of the Father. Yet in the end all that matters is what God says about any situation. The Lord is calling us higher to gain eternal perspective! Beware of judging God through looking at religious people who are grossly misrepresenting God! We must courageously war to break down all religious and social barriers for the glory of the Lord, working in Holy Spirit Unity of Love. Think of the fact that a tiny creation cannot fully know his great Creator, but we can experience God through an intimate relationship with Him. He is the only source of life and light. It is a matter of consciousness and willingness to acknowledge that we are not who we think we are. Wealth, intellect, worldly power and authority will not secure our position in God’s Kingdom, only goodness and love will. Let not anyone be deceived! The Sovereign ruler of the entire Universe, our Father who is in Heaven, reigns on Earth through Jesus Christ by the Power of Holy Spirit. The system of the world and its evil domain are coming under His judgment for He is the Sovereign King and Lord of the whole Earth, the Righteous Judge. He loves us so much that He has been begging humanity for centuries to return to Him, but only a few heard Him in times of worldly peace and prosperity.

When the door of the Kingdom shuts, it will be too late to knock. When suddenly the Hand of God strikes, there will be no time to figure things out! Repent in your heart if needed and ask the Lord for His acceptance. Although I cannot scare anyone into the Kingdom that is governed by Love. However, I do issue a warning to seek God until He can be found! In the Kingdom, we all will walk in love. Jesus is the Door, He is the Ark of the Covenant, and He will hide His own in His Loving Arms in times of trouble. During our journey of getting to know God, we learn to recognize the Voice of Truth. If you seek Him with a whole heart, the indwelling Holy Spirit will bear witness to the truth of the Kingdom of God that nobody can ever take away! Ask and He will give it to you!

May God open your eyes to see His Kingdom manifestation and your ears to hear His Voice of Love for you! May you fall in love with Love afresh! We invite every listener and every reader to share life with us as it so delights the Lord’s Heart. Shift! Love on someone without strings attached!


2 responses to “The Coming Paradigm Shift

  1. Emmy July 16, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    I’d veutrne that this article has saved me more time than any other.


    • SonsofGod2015 July 17, 2017 at 10:32 pm

      thank You Emmy for your comment. Saving time is a great thing, i hope that is what you meant, due to receiving understanding and revelation. The time for the Paradigm shift is drawing very near. Although it is a process to turn the whole world right side up, once it begins it will not stop until all is done. The Lord is on His way to receive the firstfruit unto himself. Day of the Lord and redemption is the two sides of the same events. You may want to listen my latest videos for more. Link is on blog’s home page to YouTube channel New Millennial Kingdom. God bless you


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